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Dear madlab88 & shams_313 As I mentioned in shams_313's thread, kay's book would be great helpful your project. One of chapter deals with channel modeling and filtering about the kalman filter. < Fundamentals of Statistical Signal Processing, Volume I: estimation Theory (v. 1) by Steven M. kay > Here's my codes for single-carrier (...)
I think....... "Fundamentals of Statistical Signal Processing, Volume I: estimation Theory (v. 1) by Steven M. kay " This book would help for your question. One of the chapter deals with kalman filter ans its application to the channel estimation. (there's so long time to review this book. however I remember that the author give us to (...)
I need the solution manula of any of the above books or the assignements and solutions of those I will be much thankful to you
I will advise you to read Steven kay Books on detection and estimation For those books you will get the Books and their solution manuals on edboard
kay, S.M. 'Modern Spectral estimation', Prentice Hall1988 I need this books, if anyone has it, please post it here. Thanks in advance
Marple Jr., Digital Spectral Analysis with Applications. Prentice Hall 1987 kay S. M.: Modern spectral estimation: Theory and application, Englewood Cliffs: PrenticeHall 1988
I suggest to refer kay's "Fundamentals of Statistical Signal Processing, Volume 1: estimation Theory" ( ) and Therrien's "Discrete Random Signals and Statistical Signal Processing"
Hi, Have you checked kay's signal estimation book. Amplitude estimation is not really a very popular subject whereas frequency and phase is. brmadhukar
ooh i don't have ebook but there are some good book for this topic : Modern spectral estimation, from M.kay another one Spectral bra bra ..., from Marple these books are quite old but they are the best for spectral estimation do you have any ebook link for these good books??