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i saw one demo on proteus that ENC28j60 got ip after it run. and if we use this address in web browser then page like follows come. so this page saved in host controller or ethernet controller?? mac address is set by network or we can set ?????? the page is held in the host computer - the ENC28J60 is just an Ethern
I agree that parallel (SelectMAP) configuration interface will allow higher speed. But in the present case, the speed limitation is set by the ethernet serial interface. Even at the highest UART rate, data can be forwarded to the serial slave interface without additional delay. To get an idea of achievable speed, you can simply drop the configur
hi can any one help me to make visual basic program to send letter to microcontroll from ethernet card (UDP) or by using other programing
Hi guys, I am now trying to build up a minimal computer system with basic "wake on LAN" (WoL) function in order to realize remote power control. In case of losing data due to improper shut down I would also like to have a flash memory to store the computer memory data upon receiving magic package. Could you point out certain products available o
I want to use the STM32F4 microcontroller to receive a video stream then stream it over ethernet with the rtsp protocol . I need you guys to tell me wich circuit would be the best for interfacing with STM32. Can I interface a webcam with the STM32 via the USB OTG ? (I have basic ideas about usb protocol, but the problem is that the webcam I h
72279 For this device, can measure the basic real data such as such as U, I, P, Q, S, COSΦ, F, kWh, kVAr, etc. Auxiliary module can make extend function: harmonic analysis; remote signals input,;electric relay output; programmable analog outputs;data storage;Profibus communication; ethernet communicat
salam i have vertex 2 pro xc2vp30 board.can any one tell how to use its ethernet? i only know how to use base system builder. i want to send and receive data from matlab to fpga via ethernet..can anyone give me link to basic tutorials of how to use ethernet of fpga and matlab? i need it urgent thanks
Hi. I was wondering if it is possible to run a miniature version of linux on an 8086 or an ARM based board. The goal is to have internet working via ethernet and have a basic GNOME based browser. Also, if possible, i would like to design the board myself rather than going in for boards like the beagle board. I would like it if anyone co
plz help me to initialize pic18f452 for ethernet interfacing enc28j600. thanks alot
Hi all, what is the kind of adc (specs) used in 10GbE ethernet chip.and how do you arrive at the specs for adc in 10GbE ethernet applications ? thanks rampat Added after 38 minutes: and another basic doubt,is there adc block in ethernet chip ? -rampat
I have to link a few devices over a local ethernet LAN. The LAN spans a small building with a few standard 10/100-baseT switches/hubs. Since the devices are very basic, I cant use a full TCP/IP implementation over it. I intend to use the ethernet protocol without any IP, using only MAC adresses. What I need to know is that if that is (...)
anyone having document related to ethernet to E1 converter plz help me. :cry:
To control a HW cit. using a computer u should first have an interface, choose the suitable interface for your application : serial port, parallel port, USB , ethernet. And choose the one u can program and deal with, you may use programming language like C , Java or visual basic.
I think no computer manufacturer would be glad to expose his designs But ICs manufacturers usually give application notes, design examples and evaluation boards schematics You better look for information in sites of manufacturer of chip set, PCI Bridge, audio, VGA, ethernet, battery and power managers ICs Intel, PLX, VIA, AMD, Crystal sites ar
This depends on what you want to learn from embedded programming. You can learn about 8-bit microcontrollers. Small systems with little RAM and basic functions. Most have serial port communication, some have USB (Device!!!) or ethernet. This can be used for smaller (OS-less) systems or when enough RAM is available, a small OS can be run on it
I want to implement CRC-32 algorithm in hardware (using VHDL). The basic logic of computing the checksum is rather clear for me. However, there is a question - what INITIAL value must be set in the CRC register. This value influences the resulting CRC. For example, I have read in some article that Gigabit ethernet establish 0x46AF6449 as initial va
Read the 10G ethernet MAC userguide from Xilinx. That should give you insight of the interfaces. Also check Altera 10G.
Sounds like you want a single board computer with ethernet and analog I/O. Lots of boards available from many industrial/hobby manufacturers. Here are a couple examples. Search Google for many more.
Yes, i like to see the code to read bin and hex files and display it on screen. so i can bild my own programmer AVR Prog over ethernet. Nick
Hi, I've a very good book in .pdf format here about almost everything about PC's and related hardware (error encoding, ethernet, JPEG compression, Audio, digital television, UNIX, SCSI, Processors, PCMCIA, Visiual basic RS232, X-25,...). It's about 1225 pages. It has no title, no year or author name on it. However, it's a few years old and I ex