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In even/odd mode analysis. Some literatures usually use the concept of "electrical wall" and "magnetic wall". For "electrical wall", we might denote the ground plane where all electical field is terminated in this plane? Then, how about "magnetic wall"? How it establish its literal meaning with open a circuit plane? (...)
How calculate even and odd mode impedances of coupled lines in CST. I know that i must use multipin port and pretty sure that potentials defined correctly for modes but i cant get a correct results...
hi guys, i wanted to design parallel coupled filter. i having trouble in calculating the width and the saparation between two strip line. Obtained: Dielectric constant ,er= 2.55 Thickness, H=0.5inch even mode impedance=82.53ohm odd mode impedance =37.6ohm appreciate your help. thanks
I had the same problem recently. I had some filters to design, had an old excel file that gave the correct Zoe and Zoo's, but when I got them I did not know what to do with them! None of my software takes even/odd mode impedances anymore! There used to be a program called TLine that did this calculaton (impedance to (...)
I want to know how to excite both the even and odd modes in a normal coupled line structure, I want to calculate the effective wavelength for the odd mode. Thanks in advance
Hello, I am facing the following problem: Say that I have a system of N coupled transmission lines and I am simulating the system with an EM simulator. Based on the resulting S parameter matrix, how can I extract the Capacitance, Inductance, Resistance and Conductance matrices? Then, from these, how can I calculate the even (...)
Hi everyone, I am studying coupled microstrip lines right now. and I am confused by a questions. Do the energy of even mode and odd mode equal to each other when the V1=1v, V2=1v (voltage on each strip)for even mode and V1=1v, V2=-1v (...)
even and odd are called common mode and differential mode in lower frequency circuit design.
Hi, One can apply even-odd mode analysis to understand the operation of Willkinson divider. even mode: the middle point of resistor is open circuit and resistor is not contained in the circuit, so the even part is indeed losless. (...)
(1) Choosing the driven terminal (not driven modal); (2) draw two terminal lines when setting the waveports; (3) after simulation, you can get the differential impedance Zdiff and common impedance Zcomm. Then the even mode impedance Zeven = 2*Zcomm, the odd mode impedance (...)
Can anyone advise me if they have had luck in simulating the odd and even mode impedances of parallel coupled stripline ( with a top and bottom ground plane as per stripline). CST gives values that I dont completely trust. Are there any open source programs that use the method described in R. R. Gupta (...)
width: about 3*(2g+s) height:about (3-5)*h odd mode and even mode can be excited, but it doesnot matter, only the results for even mode are needed.
Dear all, I have simulated a differential pair lines (GSSG). I selected driven-modal solution for a number of modes of 2. From the E-field pattern, it is clear that mode 1 is even mode, mode 2 is odd mode. Question: The Zo in the matrix data: Zo mode (...)
Hi, I want to calculate a line for LVDS and wondering about odd and even mode line impedances. IMO I have to trim the odd mode line impedance because the LVDS-signal is differential. But if I use the specified 100 ohm differential termination - do I have to have a (...)
Hi, everyone. I have a question about the differential pair definition in HFSS Driven Terminal simulation. I am wondering is the Differential Terminal Port Impedance equal to the odd impedance and the common terminal port impedance equal to the even mode impedance in the couple line. Actually, from the manual of the (...)
Helo Friends, In coupled line filter harmonics occur because of the disparity of velocities in even and odd mode(even mode velocity is more and odd mode velocity is is written in books that to decrease the dismilarity in both (...)
common mode signal have the same phase and amplitude(usually even harmonics) differential signal which have 180 degree phase shift but have the same amplitude.(usually odd harmonics)
I am not good at coupled-line theory. So can anyone help me to understand the following questions? 1) how to derive the equations 2a and 2b from 1a and 1b in this paper? 2) how to derive the even mode and odd mode circuits in Fig 7a (...)
The integration line is the line where the E-field is integrated for obtaining Voltage. It decides the direction of E-field. For two-conductor system, the ingetration line should be from one conductor to another for odd-mode excitation and from conductor to ground for even-mode excitation.
Does anyone know how I would prove and solve for the 4x4 s-parameter matrix using even and odd mode decomposition. Assume length is a quarter of a wavelength. and how where can i find the derivations for a multi-section branchline coupler. Thanks.