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Hi, I have an APC Back UPS ES500VA and want to install a larger battery to increase the backup time but I noticed that even with larger battery (150Ah) this inverter still shutdown after 15 minutes if unplug.. Is there a hack/mod to disable this timer? BR
Hi, KlausST, Here is the SCH for your comment. - - - Updated - - - And AGND and GND is linked together somewhere else. - - - Updated - - - And @FvM, IN- and IN+ are AC-coupled without common mode input voltage, and even with it, it should be out of control. So I only
filename = 'xxxx.txt' data = load(filename) data_bin = dec2bin(data) ... after that you can access by array indexing.. data_bin(i,end) is the first bit of the i-th value (located at index i).. or you can use mod(data(i), 2).. which gives whether the value is even or odd.. even means first bit is zero.. odd means first bit is one.
Yes Autocad will do it, also GC-Cam, GC-PLace, Powerstation or CAM350 etc, most of the PCB front end tools for PCB manufacturers will do this. IF you can make instructions very clear you can even let your manufacturer do it for you.
One other option are 433MHz RF (el-cheapo) modules .. This one is the transmitter: This one is the receiver: For the distance of <5m they should work even without 1/4λ antennas - just a tiny piece of wire shoul
In real world systems, signals are composite of fundamental and harmonics, distorted to some extend, and with the use of PLL and some frequency offset and slight mismatches in RFIC or even in RF PCB, especially in FR4, you see: In time domain, peaks move from time to time. In frequency domain, peaks move from frequency to frequency. In short,
All even perfect numbers are of the form 2^(n - 1) * (2^n - 1) where n is prime, so if we restrict our attention to the case where n > 2, we see that 2^(n - 1) * (2^n - 1) = (-1)^(n - 1) * ((-1)^n - 1) = 1(-1 -1) = 1 (mod 3) since n - 1 is even and n is odd
Where can I get a book/link that covers all these materials, along with some practical applications and circuits? (preferably involving 4046 or even discrete components). Thanks in advance.
Still use a resistor as suggested by jetmarc and use a pin on your ICSP connector to pull used lines via diodes to low after the resistor (no need for zeners). You also can use diodes to prevent High voltage being directed to your local 5V power supply of target circuit. This should work even if processor is running. Programming mode (...)