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Hi, I have 13 bit data and a trigger signal from an external source. I want to capture the 13 bit data only when there is a trigger. I should ignore the data when there is no trigger. Trigger is a short duration pulse with low time around 200 n sec. The trigger remains high when there is no event. The trigger is identical for each (...)
An event driver system might be a good solution. Like you create a queue first and when a new customer arrives you insert a new event for a new customer in a random number of time and loop the events. Search for the word 'event driven'.
Check , is this what you need............ RTaW-Sim enables the designer of an application based on Controller Area Network (CAN) to quickly set the best communication parameters and assess the performances and reliability of the system. RTaW-Sim is a fine-grained discrete-event bus simulator providing the frame response time (...)
For a synthesizable design, ensure that all the logic is based on a clock signal (i.e. synchronous). You cannot implement 'wait statements' or the like as synthesis does not evaluate time, only event driven states. good luck.
c the attached ppt event vs. Cycle based: An event driven simulator typically tends to be faithful to the semantics set forth by the HDL. Essentially, at every time unit, the "kernel" de-queues any events that are due at that time unit which in turn trigger actions for the (...)