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Spice models are free available at manufacturers and other sources. Spice model is usually txt file which starts with .SUBCKT and ends with :ENDS. What extension to that file you will use depends on your simulation software. One of them is .mod but depends. Use Google with spice models or BC547 spice model (...)
Hello fellow Emag bandits :-) I am using an EM simulation software package called is an 3D FEM package and is an add on to the SolidWorks CAD software. When doing a simulation of,for example,a coax fed half wave dipole,the model requires that a SIGNAL boundary condition be applied to some part of the model whenever the (...)
The modulo operation is just the reminder of the division. In your example divide 88? / 187 (dont do decimals)and ignore the result but take only the remainder. 7744/187=41 remainder 77. So 88? mod 187 = 77. In this case the modulo always returns a number between 0 and 187-1. for example (...)
Hey Guys My name is Dante , And i want to design and create a pc gamepad "GUN" that includes a motiontracker and a solenoid. An example of a motion tracking gun is : Half-Life 2 VR head and gun tracking mod for the Oculus Rift The motion tracker this guy used is
If you require 3 PWM outputs, use CCP1 and CCP2 for 2 PWM outputs and generate the third using software PWM using, for example, Timer 1. There are PICs with 3 (or more) hardware CCP modules. One example is PIC16F777.
I had posted this before in a different thread which is not related to the issue at hand. My apologies. Time and frequency measurements work very well using the cursors, however, volts measurements are far off, perhaps 150 times larger than they should be. for example, a 0.5V PP square wave reads back 46 V. Cursor movements and (...)
Hi All, I have a question about the SSB (single-side band) modulation signal, and its circuit implementation in Radio. for example, the baseband DAC has two I/Q differential signal outputs, and then they are connected to the corresponding differential amplifiers, and to the I/Q mixer (modulator). Then is the RF port (...)
i need vhdl code of a modular adder. for example an adder that calculated with following method a and b are n-bit m is n bit number. m= 2^n-1 s is n bit number. (a+b)mod m =s solve this for n=4 example: a= 1101 b=1001 m=1111 s=0110 our design must be have only on n bit (...)
if f(x)modg(x) is valid(means , if it yield a remainder) then , can there be negative powers of x in f(x)? for example is (x-29)mod(x2 - 3) possible ? can we do modulo division like this or is it strictly defined only for positive powers of x?
modulo arithmetic means after you do the add or multiply, you have to take the remainder. for example 6*5 mod 13 = 30 mod 13 = 4 hope it helps a bit
Hello All, I have mod-60 counter. Using this circuit i want to generate a waveform.for example when the counter in counting 0 i should get out put as 1 when it counting 1 the output should be 0 when it is counting 2 the output should be 1 when it is counting 3 the output should be 0 ......when it is counting 56 the output (...)
Pre-distorters are used to linearise a non-linear system. So, if you use an LED for example, it does not have a straight line current versus light output curve so the signal will be distorted. This paper explains
I think both are same. A frequency divider divides the input frequency by a integer value 'N'. for example if you design a mod-N counter it can divide the frequency by N.Another example is a single D flipflop with feedback is a divide by 2 counter. --vipin
Hello everybody! after using modulate(mod,tx) funchtion, we get the Internal Time Vector, right? so, then how to plot in time domain this signal in Matlab? for example: hmod = modem.qammod(M); M = 16; %16-QAM tx = randint(500,1,M); % (...)
Using Google and searching for "GCSE courses in Electronics" gives several hits, for example:
Did you consider NTC? Look here , read AN for implementation. Also there are simpler ways of driving mosfet gate over isolation barrier. for example, opto with photo diode used in photovoltaic mode can generate powe
Hi all, I used hyperlynx to simulate RF net.Driving device is a power amplifier,recieving device is speaker.How can i define the .mod information or ibis model for speaker.while defining .mod information for power amplifier,i could not find some (...)
I need help understanding the 'Solve Ports only' option in HFSSv10. I'm trying to run the example in . The 'Solve Ports only' report gives 2 options Gamma and Port Zo (Both in db) What are we looking for when we analyze for waveport verify???
topic moved here Fragrance if we use 3 color LED , we can make all colors if we could light them in different powers ... , for example if we choose 256 levels of light for each color , then we can make 256*256*256 colors ( RGB ) with one 3 color LED , now if we use a dot matrix display , for example (...)
hi this book is for the matlab programmers.....try this's good...if u r helped plz click help to User "sidra" Warned. It is forbidden to request or upload E-Books in this forum. Uploaded book is deleted. Post is sticked on top of forum as negative (...)
Hi everyone ! Maybe someone design controller for Sharp TFT LQ035Q7DH06 (VHDL-CPLD). I am looking for information of timing. I have datasheet, but i don't understand a few signals for example mod. Perhaps someone have any suggestion or proposition to design this controller. If it (...)
I was wondering whether there are any simplification/rules when doing modulo 1 arithmetic. for example: * = ? or ^2=? Here, <> is the fractional part, i.e <4.2> = 0.2 There is plenty I could find on mod N arithmetic with n>1 but nothing on mod 1. thanks for any tips. (...)
Mmh.. I only had this problem in the past if my used parameters values did not make sense. for example generating a parametric cone (hight is parameter) and then picking the top face. If the hight is to large, the top face will vanish and the picking will fail... My mistake... Maybe simply post your structure here (*.mod and *.par (...)
I normally consider them the same. However, if I wanted to increment by +3 instead of +1, for example, I would probably specify a "mod 10" counter to remind myself that the count value needs to wrap around in a modulo fashion (0 3 6 9 2 5 8 1 4 7 0 ...) instead of possibly going into an unexpected state.
anoopjose, A mod N counter is a counter that has N states. Its output frequency is f/N. for example, a simple 4 bit binary counter is a mod 16 counter. Regards, Kral
HI Everybody . i need to design voltage source that can be controlled from PC . In other words , if i need 7 volts for instance , i have just to enter 7 in a program running windows ( i have to write this program too) . the circuit should be connected to the Pc serial port for example . Any ideas , links !!!
The resul will be (x+1) because its degree is less than degree of polynomial (x^3+1) for example x^5+x^4 +x^2+1(mod(x^3+1))=-x^2-x+x^2+1=-x+1 Algorithm is dividing polynomials, it is similar to algorithm of dividing real numbers See R.Blahut "Art of Error Correcting Codes" or similar books
dou you have any example for using external ram with pic16f877 if you have sch very good for me
Both .cir and .mod are a text files with the device spice model. You can find it in many manufacturers' web pages. They can have another extentions, not only .mod or .cir, for example .txt, depending on manufacturer. After download such a file, you have to make a detail or symbol using your SPICE (...)
Hi, Check (require membership) There are a lot of examples there Analyzer.
-You did not mention the level you want to work with , because every level has its set of equations for Id & gm. -Depending on the level you work with, you can set the parasitic capacitance to zero by setting, for example, AS/D & PS/D to zero. However, this will also depend on your capacitor model option statement & the (...)
Hi, There is no reason why you can't use a dc supply. A dc supply of 25% more than the rated ac voltage of the ac adapter, of either polarity of the jack will do. for example if your modem runs on 9V ac then you can use a 12V dc transformer, and the polarity of the plug is not important because it is going to pass (...)