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Im trying to use SPI in hitech C to communicate between 2 PIC's (master / slave), I went through the example on but the code there refers to "spi.h" and from what I found so far is that SPI is very str
The files delay.h and delay.c is for hitech c for PIC18F!!! In this case, you only comment or remove the #include delay.h, because it not exist in pic for PIC12/16F and your program works, because the #define _XTAL_FREQ 8000000 Change too the _delay_ms(100); to __delay_ms(100); (2 underlines). example:
Hello guys, Do you guys have experience with DS1307 and PIC 16F877A ? I 'm using hitech C and I can't use the example from compiler.... I stack with : unsigned short read_ds1307(unsigned short address) { //unsigned short dataa; I2C_Start(); I2C_Wr(0xd0); //address 0x68 followed by direction bit (0 for write, 1 for read) 0x68 follo
hitech c software uart example code /* * Serial port driver (uses bit-banging) * for 16Cxx series parts. * * IMPORTANT: Compile this file with FULL optimization * * Copyright (C)1996 HI-TECH Software. * Freely distributable. */ #include /* * Tunable parameters */ /* Xtal frequency */ #define XTAL 4000000 /* Baud rate
I am using PIC32MX controllers, hitech-c compiler. anybody know how to write configuration word on c code... Please share me with some example... Regards Udhay
hi may any one send me dspic33 example in hitech c for proteus
function strchr const char * strchr ( const char * str, int character ); char * strchr ( char * str, int character ); Locate first occurrence of character in string Returns a pointer to the first occurrence of character in the C string str. The terminating null-character is considered part of the C string. Therefore, it can a
If you using the Hi-Tech PICC18 compiler why not use the provided I2C libraries? example accessing external I2C Serial EEPROM: // will automatically include peripheral library header files #include unsigned char arraywr = {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,0}; unsigned char arrayrd; //***************************************************
Well, for ports direction, just clear PORTx, if you want to set it as output (example: PORTC=0), and you must set PORTx if you wish to set it as input (example: PORTA=255). For UART, you will have to tell, which compiler are you using. If you have hitech C compiler, there is already example code for UART included.
i m programming in 16f676 using hi tech 9.83 (pro) i am writing the code it not working ,i jus on off led, #include #include #define _XTAL_FREQ 4000000 __CONFIG(0x3f32); //__CONFIG (0x3FB5); void pic_init(void); #define led0 RC0 #define led1 RC1 #define led2 RC2 #define led3 RC3 #define led4 RC4 #define led
hello, i am new in PIC micro controller. i am using MPLAB IDE with hitech compiler. now i want to communicate with the UART communcation. if anybody has any example or pdf material about this topic then please help me. I am using PIC16F873A micro controller. thank you with regards, ABHISHEK DIXIT
Hi, I don't do C, but saw this example code for a 877 chip that might help you ...? // INTEXT.C MPB 10-4-07 // Demo external interrupt RB0 low interrupts foreground output count #include " 16F877A.h " #use delay(clock = 4000000) #int_ext // Interrupt name void i
Hello people ! I ve been studying the timers and interrupts for a while, but I am not sure if I have understood right. And I haven't made a conclusion from the datasheet. After flashing a led with just a delay, I want to test it again using an interrupt with Timer 0, for example. TMR0 serves as a simple counter and is first example that our code i
You can find various Hi-Tech example on PIC Lesson.
yesterday i posted a similar problem with Mikroc and i managed to solve it. today im facing the same problem in hitech. i only see black squares on the first row. im using the hitech example code, but my code uses a single "port(B)". PIC16f88-(i took care of config bits not in the code, but by going to Configure>Configuration Bits) (...)
Depends on what C you want, the program is little bit different. There are mikroC and hitech C for you to choose from. :) And there are examples in the installation folder
Hey,I need help with the programming Pic.I have problem with DC electro-motor,I need some easy examples in C language( HI-tech C in MPLAB) for learning how to: *************** 1.code for controling electro-motor speed with PWM example.first 5 second goes half of his abbilities,and last 5 second goes the fastest it can 2.code for number of circl
See this LM35 example. Video and source code.
I need an example of ADC for īPIC16F883 in hitech .c language or if you can give me all the program i have a GP2D12 sensor 0.5 - 3 V if the sensor signal is up than 1 V (1ft or less) i need Rb0 high for XX seconds then RB0 low delay RB1 high for XX seconds then RB1 low delay LOOP repeat or whatever... please i need the prog
Holtek are the cheapest micro available on the market so using Holtek for big volume is a good idea. Some of the Holtek micro are very similar to PIC - for example HT82K68 has only one or two minor changes cmpared to PIC assembly. There was a hitech (Embedded C Compilers and Tools for Software Development: HI-TECH Softwar