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Im trying to use SPI in hitech C to communicate between 2 PIC's (master / slave), I went through the example on but the code there refers to "spi.h" and from what I found so far is that SPI is very str
The files delay.h and delay.c is for hitech c for PIC18F!!! In this case, you only comment or remove the #include delay.h, because it not exist in pic for PIC12/16F and your program works, because the #define _XTAL_FREQ 8000000 Change too the _delay_ms(100); to __delay_ms(100); (2 underlines). example:
Hello guys, Do you guys have experience with DS1307 and PIC 16F877A ? I 'm using hitech C and I can't use the example from compiler.... I stack with : unsigned short read_ds1307(unsigned short address) { //unsigned short dataa; I2C_Start(); I2C_Wr(0xd0); //address 0x68 followed by direction bit (0 for write, 1 for read) 0x68 follo
hitech c software uart example code /* * Serial port driver (uses bit-banging) * for 16Cxx series parts. * * IMPORTANT: Compile this file with FULL optimization * * Copyright (C)1996 HI-TECH Software. * Freely distributable. */ #include /* * Tunable parameters */ /* Xtal frequency */ #define XTAL 4000000 /* Baud rate
I am using PIC32MX controllers, hitech-c compiler. anybody know how to write configuration word on c code... Please share me with some example... Regards Udhay
hi may any one send me dspic33 example in hitech c for proteus
function strchr const char * strchr ( const char * str, int character ); char * strchr ( char * str, int character ); Locate first occurrence of character in string Returns a pointer to the first occurrence of character in the C string str. The terminating null-character is considered part of the C string. Therefore, it can a
If you using the Hi-Tech PICC18 compiler why not use the provided I2C libraries? example accessing external I2C Serial EEPROM: // will automatically include peripheral library header files #include unsigned char arraywr = {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,0}; unsigned char arrayrd; //***************************************************
Well, for ports direction, just clear PORTx, if you want to set it as output (example: PORTC=0), and you must set PORTx if you wish to set it as input (example: PORTA=255). For UART, you will have to tell, which compiler are you using. If you have hitech C compiler, there is already example code for UART included.
No need to worry about fuse bits in MikroC create a project, then project settings change to HS oscillator required frq. LVP of, WDT off, MCLR desabled As someone who has seen and answered numerous questions pertaining to the MikroC and correctly setting the Configuration Register, I'm afraid that sta
hello, i am new in PIC micro controller. i am using MPLAB IDE with hitech compiler. now i want to communicate with the UART communcation. if anybody has any example or pdf material about this topic then please help me. I am using PIC16F873A micro controller. thank you with regards, ABHISHEK DIXIT
Hi, I don't do C, but saw this example code for a 877 chip that might help you ...? // INTEXT.C MPB 10-4-07 // Demo external interrupt RB0 low interrupts foreground output count #include " 16F877A.h " #use delay(clock = 4000000) #int_ext // Interrupt name void i
Hello people ! I ve been studying the timers and interrupts for a while, but I am not sure if I have understood right. And I haven't made a conclusion from the datasheet. After flashing a led with just a delay, I want to test it again using an interrupt with Timer 0, for example. TMR0 serves as a simple counter and is first example that our code i
You can find various Hi-Tech example on PIC Lesson.
yesterday i posted a similar problem with Mikroc and i managed to solve it. today im facing the same problem in hitech. i only see black squares on the first row. im using the hitech example code, but my code uses a single "port(B)". PIC16f88-(i took care of config bits not in the code, but by going to Configure>Configuration Bits) (...)
Depends on what C you want, the program is little bit different. There are mikroC and hitech C for you to choose from. :) And there are examples in the installation folder
Hey,I need help with the programming Pic.I have problem with DC electro-motor,I need some easy examples in C language( HI-tech C in MPLAB) for learning how to: *************** 1.code for controling electro-motor speed with PWM example.first 5 second goes half of his abbilities,and last 5 second goes the fastest it can 2.code for number of circl
See this LM35 example. Video and source code.
I need an example of ADC for ´PIC16F883 in hitech .c language or if you can give me all the program i have a GP2D12 sensor 0.5 - 3 V if the sensor signal is up than 1 V (1ft or less) i need Rb0 high for XX seconds then RB0 low delay RB1 high for XX seconds then RB1 low delay LOOP repeat or whatever... please i need the prog
Holtek are the cheapest micro available on the market so using Holtek for big volume is a good idea. Some of the Holtek micro are very similar to PIC - for example HT82K68 has only one or two minor changes cmpared to PIC assembly. There was a hitech (Embedded C Compilers and Tools for Software Development: HI-TECH Softwar
Most compilers these days add the header files on their own. For example in hitech if you just add either htc.h or pic.h it works. The IDE like Mplab chooses the device for you during compilation. This also makes it easier to switch between devices. If you want the header files look for "h" folder or an "include" folder in your compilers directory.
If I were you I would update Mplab. The latest release is 8.14. It has lots of enhancements over 6.4. Free download from Microchip. Salvo lite comes with documentation and example code to get you going. Thats the best place to get started.
I Think CSS have very example and easy to use
hi CMOS, i have seen the example RC5 Decoder. but did you put any optimize in the code ? ( - O)
I am interested. Please send me example.
You may first start with C, you can download K&R ANSI C book from the board and then, get some eval version from CCS compiler and spend some time with the example programs (there are a lot of them). PM if you can't find the book.
Hi, bitbanged receiving is almost always a problem ... In case of your GPS you could try to switch the GPS to a lower baudrate (1200 baud for example) bitbanging might be easier then because the timing is less critical. What is the clock frequency of your pic and which code do you use for bitbanged receiving? For which other task do yo
Salam, I don't use hitech compiler But I think Var=TMR0; Which Var is "unsigned char" value Oh, don't forgot to include the file that contain the SFR definitions for PIC16F84 example TMR0 EQU 0x01 Bye
I am using it :-) Look here for some examples: best regards
Need example CCS,hitech,Other (only C) PLEASE HELP