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I suspect that you are starting from the wrong place. What are you trying to do? Learn how to program microcontrollers and are using that pic as an example? Do you have a real problem you are trying to solve? are you using that device in a class and want the answers without doing any work? Susan
i have zigbee module cc2530 transceiver that is perfectly working when i check with hyperterminal but when i connect it to the pic microcontoller 16f877a and lcd, it displays some other letters instead of correct one..for example when i connect one transmitter module to pc and receiver module to pic. when I transmit 2, it (...)
IA amps means Instrumentation Amplifier aka IA for short. Used to amplify low level differential signals and give a single ended output. example: AD623. Eric
do you receive anything from the modem when you expect an sms text? for example, could ou be loosing received character because you are not reading the UART sufficently fast? what baud rate is the SIM 300 ? are you using polled or interrupt receive on the UART?
Here is a I2C code but not for eepeom. There is I2C example code at saeedsolutions but I can't provide its link as I got a warning that I am promoting that website. I have no interest in promoting any website or
Hi, Assume you have got the code from the web; its a very poor example of how to write assembler code. I have made 2 very small changes to the code to run on my MPlab and it works in that it sequentially changes Portb 0,1 and 2 and Flashes PortE 2 If you look at these tutorials you will see that properly written code is a lot easier to fo
i doing project using ps2 controller, but i having big problem in programming......can anyone help me please....example like if a button of ps2 controller pressed and the pic output example like RB0 = 1;
can any one explain the operation of capture compare and PWM register with example program in assembly language and embedded C.
Hi, Its a common temp sensor and pic, if you search this forum or google am sure you will find a working example. ( probably find one using the more popular 16f877a which is identical to the 876A apart from the extra pins and memory so the code will run on either)
Hello guys, Do you guys have experience with DS1307 and pic 16f877a ? I 'm using Hitech C and I can't use the example from compiler.... I stack with : unsigned short read_ds1307(unsigned short address) { //unsigned short dataa; I2C_Start(); I2C_Wr(0xd0); //address 0x68 followed by direction bit (0 for write, 1 for read) 0x68 follo
Post the datasheets of tssp6p38, apr9301, apr9600, and pic16f877a. Ok. I got the datasheets. What part of circuit are you having problem? In the voice chip datasheet example circuits are given.
Hi Yasser, at the start you must post your schematic, after that I will try to help you with concrete example, if you dont have idea about schematic, visit they have many examples with programable timers... also google is very good choice, only search, look this link or
Hello everyone, i just needed some help using the SPI library in MikroC. i'm sort of confused because the help seems not to carry enough info about how to use it so if anybody please help me with a code where i can share data between two micro-controllers pic 16f877a with it's schematic for example i want the slave uController send 0 to the (...)
Microchip provides alot of example code for many of their processors. It might be worthwhile to look on their website for example code. Attached is the is another page that helps one cal
All 'dt' does is store the data you provide as a list of retlw instructions. For example is you used dt 11,22,33,44 it would be saved as: retlw 11 retlw 22 retlw 33 retlw 44 It's just quicker to write it as a dt instruction, especially if the data is a string of text. To use it as a look-up table, call a subroutine (call is
Start of by writing down your requirements / user stories. Then search EDA and the WWW were you will find many posts (and) code for SPI communications with the selected A2D chip. If you read the spec of the AD7715 you will find SPI example C code
See this GPS example code.
also check this I2C Two Wire Interface Tutorial: pic 16F877 I2C Code example : 8051 Microcontroller Projects AVR pic Projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes
As you are using mikroC goto help, and click on the mikroC libraries, in the library goto hardware library and there you can find a complete example (code + schematic) on keypad interfacing. Hope so this will help you!
You can see this SPI example.