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Can anyone pls help me how to implement mems capacitive shunt switch in hfss.How to take design parameter and how to choose the air gap and also whether we put excitation or boundary to it in software..pls rply
hi iam new to hfss...i am doing project in metamaterial absorber.i have to give floquet port for excitation...but i didnt know how to proceed...can anyone give some idea...
Hi, I'm trying to simulate a chiral media and retrieve its parameters. I almost read all threads about this topic. But they all discuss obtaining constitutive parameters from S-parameters. I need help with the previous step! How to extract S-parameter. I already used hfss for antenna simulation, but it is a special case. My media is large to proc
suppose i made a structure assigned wave port to it now suppose if the whole geometry is kept inside the radiation box such that the port is also inside.(using hfss) 1. will that be called internal excitation? 2. in order to use wave port without making any change in the radiation box do i need to use pec cap on one side of the wave port. how
I have simulated a 3D EM model in CST (hfss). Then in the Design studio, I have developed a tuning circuit which is fed to EM model. CST then calculates the fields in EM model according to this excitation from the design studio. A similar operation can be done with hfss and Nexxim (by using dynamically linked model and push (...)
hey there, it seems that u want to excite ur structure with a plane wave. just add a plane wave excitation and select Ex and ky. note that if u select EX=1, Ky=1, then Hz=-1/n (when n is the chrectristic impedance, which in air equals to 120*pi).
hey there, is there any option to excite a structure with a static field? Thank you
The excitation port should be inside the airbox if you are using a lumped port; if you are using a waveport, it should be on the edge of the airbox. It should never be outside the airbox.
1) You need to make sure the excitation is some sort of incident wave, such as a plane wave. If you have this, the menu under hfss-> Fields-> Edit Sources will allow you to select "Incident". 2) H-Field at what point? 3) No. You can however plot the E-field field along a line by inserting a line into the simulation, and then selecting this line a
Hello Everyone, I am trying to simulate a multilayer structure in hfss 13.0. It is made up of copper planes (PCBs) at the top and bottom and 5 layers of different dielectric materials in between. There are two pairs of cylindrical slots one at the top and one at the bottom, through which differential excitation is to be provided. The differentia
I doubt a point source will couple well to a transmission line mode, but that being said, your best bet is probably to couple it to a coaxial mode -- since I lack knowledge of any literature on the subject, I'd guess that a parametric sweep on the placement of the excitation is an adequate start. Good Luck!
How to assign Master and Slave boundaries for an infinite corrugated waveguide in hfss without overlapping with waveport excitation?
Hi Members I am trying to excite a simple patch antenna using Grounded Co-Planar Wave guide Structure (GCPW) by the techniques shown below in Fig.1. I do so but receive the error of "Port 1 is assigned to an internal face". Can someone kindly assist me in assigning wave guide port to the GCPW structure in hfss simulator. I have
Hi, I am a student from Panama working with hfss. Currently I am just getting to know how to use hfss. I am trying to implement Terminal excitation but the option is not available even after following the instructions presented in the help section of the program. Help would be much appreciated; please and thanks
Hi arve9066, You can set the waveport excitation levels under hfss->Fields->Edit Sources. The ports automatically "terminate" the structure, so long as the incident mode is solved on the port.
Hi, I am trying to simulate a H field due a current excitation over a copper track and I have a question. When I apply the current excitation in this track, hfss considers only the current over a surface of the track or along all the track, including inside? Because, I believe that even if I select all the track surfaces, it (...)
Hello everybody!!! How am i supposed to do port's excitation of planar slot antenna using slot flatness only? (hfss 15, wave port or lumped?) :bang: Thank you! 125879
Hi, I tried to simulate a CPW resonator with hfss 13 but I get this error message"Port refinement, process hf3d error: Port P1 does not have a solved inside material on either side" So can someone help me to overcome this problem tnx in advance125314
hi everybody, I have designed a loop antenna in hfss, and I want to see its Magnetic field along its axis. I have simulate it in Ansoft maxwell and I obtain its inductance 1.8uH. I have two problems in simulating: 1. what kind of excitation is preferable? I have tried the tutorial of hfss but it didnt give me the right inductance. 2. (...)
hello! I am new to hfss and am not sure how to excite my capacitor structure. It is a cylindrical capacitor (plates along the curved edges of the cylinder). I am stumbling on how to excite it, as I have 3 electrodes. I'd like to be able to have the high electrode at +V/2, low at -V/2 and the guard electrode at 0 or +V/2. Is this possible?