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The possibility to swap pins in expedition is defined at the component level. You have to modify the component definition with the part editor, either in the library to allow it in all cases. Or on the design, to allow it in this special case. - - - Updated - - - The possibility to swap pins in expedition i
I'm still novice w/ ADS and I find it difficult to believe that the tool can be used for a full RF PCB. Recently, I've been putting together a lot of RF PCBs, but am using Mentor Graphics expedition and trying to use good microwave judgement / rule-of-thumbs for the layout. I can import the design into ADS, but I dont want to spend weeks building
hi i have used a few packages and found errors to be the most annoying thing about EDA and PCB software i have used orcad and allegro suite and altium designer and mentor graphics expedition and i was wondering out of some of the software i just mentioned anyone else known to be prone error messages all the time as i am thinking about purchasing
Hi All, This is praveen. Actually im finding an issue while importing the netlist from orcad capture to expedition. I don't have much knowledge on expedition.I need to do some modification in the design. Presently the central library and layout file is in 7.8 version. And im using 7.9 version And im able to open the layout file in 7.9 versio
Hi , How to find the schematic changes between the Rev A and Rev B schematic files? Also between two layouts? Actually I would like to get the report of the Part differences and Net Differences as that we used to get in the PADS Logic 9.4 Kindly help me with the solution Thanks in advance, Balaji Govindaraj
let me know which tool r u using in mentor graphichs >> Pads or expedition or board station ??
CoWorker copied a mentor dxdesigner/expedition from my drive and tried to open on his computer, getting an error "Unable to open ICDB connection" *** Project Initialization Warnings *** CDB opening failed: No server is running for the project and could not bring it alive (Could not run server) *** End Of Project Initialization Warnings *** *
Hi all, I'm using Altium designer Summer 2009 and I want to convert the Schematic to OrCad, Allegro, Cadance concept HDL Packaged Schematic files, Mentor expedition, Mentor DxDesigner, Zuken. I need only one of these schematic format. How can I do that ? Best Regards, David.
Hello, I am wondering is there any common library for Mentor Graphics expedition software ? Is there any default library to select components ? Also how to include new component if it is not included in the library ? Best regards, Bilal
Hello, I am wondering which of the following software is more professional. 1- Cadence 2- expedition (DxDesigner) by mentor graphics Best regards, Bilal
Hello everybody! I'm looking to set up a dynamic link between ADS and expedition PCB of Mentor but I haven't been able to do it yet. The problem is that when I try to connect expedition with the ADS server an error pops up: connecting to ... failed cannot connect to , needs license atpadsim. Has anyone
Hello, I am using expedition PCB to lay out a board containing differential traces. I would like to check its estimate of the impedance, based on layer stackup and trace width, but cannot find out how. I am pretty sure expedition's 'Final Solver' calculates this, as the help files mention the equation it uses when discussing the Layer Stackup
Hello, I am trying to use expedition Enterprise to design a small board. The manufacturer of one of the connectors I want to use, provides component information in PADS libraries. Is there a way to create Parts in the Central Library for expedition En
Hi, Did you have any answer on this?? Did you find a way to translate from expedition to Cadence?
Hi all, i have 3years exep in allegro now my company switch over through the mentor graphics expedition, But i dont know how to work this plz give the correct tutorial pdf (pad creation,footprint creation,constrain rounting). Thanks & regards, Mareeswaran k
1.How to assign clearances in net class? 2. How to assign nets to net classes? 3. How to specify net class trace width in expedition?
Thank you so much friend shabu. am using mentor graphics(expedition) tool but rules are common for all the tools. your material is very useful for me. if you have any mentor graphics tool material, please send to me.
Hello! I would like to know how to import data into Mentor expedition 2007.x. In the "older" versions it was possible to import just about anything using ASC-II .hkp files, but in the newer versions support for this seems to be completely removed. We designed a language for describing circuits rather than drawing schematics. This has many be
can any one please tell me number of 'keyin's available in expedition and what is the use of that
Hi All Please assist me on the below issue: Whenever I open the report writer I am getting the message as shown in the snap shots. 8318283183 After this error I am not able to generate any information from expedition report writer. Any help would be greatly app

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