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this is database's problem, you can use "I" command to recover database or export asc file and import, it will solve the problem.
export the PCB file to ascII format (.asc) in PADS2005. And import that file in PADS 2007. .asc format has not changed and hence it can be opened in any version of PADS. Hope to be useful
You need to export a Pads .asc file before you can import it into Altium. The .asc pull in really well with only a few issues to tidy up.
It's better to export the PADS file with .asc format in 3.0version. And after you import the .asc file into Allegro, you have to edit the plane layers and the coppers on signal layers.
You would have to export your PCB to asc format, and then use CAM350 to generate ODB++. There's no direct way to get ODB++ from PADS.
Dear all, Could anyone advice me that what format could I export in the Mentor Expedition PCB software? So, I could import it into the PowerPCB software? I have tried to export the PCB in the Expedition software in .asc (ascII) format and import it in the PowerPCB. I found that there are some parts is missing shown (...)
export file as ascii (.asc) file then import it in to the powerpcb 5.0. It should work.
Hello : I use the orcad capture to draw schematic,then export the .asc file for pads2005.The process is no problem.But if I want to make some modify in the orcad,such as some pins connection.Then I import the .asc file to pads2005 the connection can't change unless I rebuild a new project .If this,the rout line I have (...)
Powerpcb export asc files. fabmaster import asc files.
1,export ppcb asc file(use v3.0 format) 2,use camcad pcbtranstor import pads asc file.... note:camcad pcbtranstor must be 3.9x version,the new(4.x version )not support orcad export!!!!! so at last,export orcad layout plus write.......
Someone has the same problem that the import/export program crashes in Orcad 9.2.x for im/exporting PowerPCB ascii files? Or maybe WinXPPro is not the best OS for using OrCAD?
pr@tel export pcad2001 asc files--->use pcad 2001/2002 import sch asc file and save and expor pdif file and then you can import pdif with orcad... other way,u try export orcad dos sch with pr@tel,then open dos files
Gerber out, Import gerber files into cam350. Set up layers etc in cam350. export as PowerPCB ascii file. Open into PowerPCB. Then you will have to play with it in PowerPCB to get it to work Phil :wink:
Hi adolfchen, you must use command File-export - ascII- Format and select what version you want. This ascii file you can import. :D JURS

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