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One option is to use Ocean to run the nested MC and PA. The GUI interface is craptastic for anything besides what cadence bothered to put in the can. Another option is to simply create N Monte Carlo runs, each at a different common mode voltage of interest. export the data from each to a file, pull them all into a spreadsheet and grind the data a
A netlist (Synthesized RTL) is just a text file - so you can edit it in any text editor, including Virtuoso's. No, you can simulate a layout directly. You need to either extract a netlist from the layout using an extraction tool (or just export the corrsponding netlist from Encounter - although that wont have parasitics)
There is no tool which name is "cadence". Use correct terminology. My question is do I have to design layout in cadence then export gds file to E.M software such as HFSS/ADS momentum for electromagnetic simulation and optimization? or can I design in HFSS/
It has been a long time ago that i have used the 2005 version of the software. But if i remember it correctly you can export a netlist using "File-->export-->Keyin Netlist" I believe it is a better way to contact cadence and ask what possibilities the cadence software has to import design data from Mentor Graphics. As (...)
Hi can anyone please explain me the steps to obtain the tape-out file once the layout design is complete. I know the final file to be taped-out will be in .gds format. Can i obtain this gds file from Encounter tool or am i supposed to export it to cadence Virtuoso and then do the tape-out by following the steps as shown in this link
basically there are two models,1, AOT(analog on top),make digital as a block,after gds export gds from Encouter and strem gds in the virtuoso,and then connect lines manually.2 DOP(digital on top) abstract the analog blocks'lef ,send them to encounter,and then pr,then merge the gds.
Hi I'm not entirely sure if this should belong in this subforum or one related more to circuit simulation, but here goes. I simulated a structure in HFSS and was able to export an equivalent *.s4p file so that I could use it in cadence Virtuoso. However, when I run port analysis in cadence, the resulting s-parameter simulation is (...)
Hello How we can export pcb layout in cadence to eps file?? Thank you
Couldn't find specific guides on this, but I would like to know the exact procedure to using HFSS's equivalent circuit export in cadence Virtuoso. I'm guessing out of all the output formats, I should be using *.cir since it's a Spectre format? I don't know what instance in cadence to call on this file though. Also, does anyone also know (...)
Even if you could get a clean export and import of polygon schematic data, so much of cadence schematics has to do with properties and passdowns, I doubt that a so-sourced schematic would behave anything like what you'd want. Even in layout, the first thing that happens is all variable / property-defined geometries get evaluated and fixed with no
Hi i require the layout i designed in cadence for my thesis report. I found many posts online and followed them out but was unable to get it exported in a correct manner. Is der any way to obtain a clean image of the layout from cadence?? Can anyone pls let me know!!! Thank you!!!
Hi tm.torabi. LEF file include some layout information about cell or design. If you want to generate LEF file, you need export it from layout using Virtuoso. Would you please let me know which file I should set for lefout.list? Please, describe your problem in more detail.
Hi, I think you can try: You export function ( from calculator) to outputs ( in ADE L). After you set vcontrol is variable then RUN.
Dear All, I have a .v file and i have done scan synthesis using RTL Compiler. Now how to approach for doing ATPG using the ENCOUNTER TEST(ET)? Do I need to export the scan.def file to ET for doing atpg/ fault analysis? I don't know the exact command to do this export thing. Kindly Help ASAP.
Currently, I'm trying to start work with HFSS software. I did simple stripline and I want to export it's model to cadence virtuoso. I can export it by s2p file and use it with nport, but I want to get it in a netlist view too. So, I found there are two able spice netlist types: full wave spice and lumped element low bandwidth netlist (...)
I have designed a qpsk tranmitter but I am facing problems in simulating phase trajectory, evm and acpr in cadence postprocessing tools. Can I do a transient simulation, export it to some other s/w tool and plot these? Which tools are very good in these?
Hi you can export the footprint file-->export-->Libraries choose the path of your new library and keep it after that you can add the library location setup-->user preference--->library--->select the pad and psm path for library (add your new library path )
This is probably a really dumb question, but I've scoured every tutorial I could find and just couldn't find the answer to this. I am trying to export an RLGC lumped model of some stuff I made in HFSS, and then dump this file into the mtline instance in cadence Virtuoso. The simulator I'm using is spectre. It seems like everything I've tried
Hi all, I have 2 modules from 3rd party IP vendor and I make some floor plan on top view and then need to pass the top view for P&R, sould I use the 3rd party provided lef file instead of gds layout? Can I simply export the top view to lef file format or have to use abstract generator? Thanks! Dragonwell
Hello, how can i convert a verilog file into spice netlist format. I have cadence software, I tried to import verilog file and export in spice netlist form, but I am facing some difficulties. Can you suggest me any other method.