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Hi, I want to use an external SPI flash memory for a dedicated application, which will be connected to some I/O pins. Now, I have the content which I want to write it in to the memory (binary file) but I dont know how to write it in. I know I can use FPGA through JTAG to program an SPI flash which is tied at the FPGA configuration Block (...)
Which compiler? What are the config settings What actually is "not working"? We need a far more detailed description of what you have done, what should be happening but isn't, what is happening but shouldn't. Typically the places to look at are the hardware, config and software settings. For the hardware, you need to make sure that all bypass capac
Hey How fast can be SPI or I2C RAM for PIC18F? I would like to read data in blocks, will 10us be enough for such read? Maybe 20us? Any ideas?
Klaus that's not what the OP was asking... OP use the Xilinx SEM controller. You will need a extra external SPI flash device if you want more than SECDED. Control is managed by a UART interface.
130560 I have connected the 100W xenon flash tube to the smart strobe 750w board. When i stated testing some time the flash comes and flash rate control is not working it seems. i haven't connected the external trigger socket. Even though it is flashing some time ? Plea
Hi all.. i am working on a small project where i need to interface external flash memory to 89s52. as 89s52 has only 8kb of flash memory.... i need a bit larger size of flash memory aroind 20 to 22kb of flash memory to interface it externally... can any body please give me any ideas of (...)
Can you please be kind and tell me how to solve this issue? very difficult for someone external to debug in such cases. I downloaded some sample projects from the Mars Enclustra website, and I could flash those examples well, and Ethernet ports on the base board are working properly. It stops working when I add the IP blo
I'm currently selecting microprocessor and one of the major concerns is external memory/flash. I need 4G of flash for our application. Many datasheet of microprocessor did not specify how much external memory it can support. For example, refer to, link below. Is there any way to know the external memory (...)
are you sure your arduino serial port is turned off? you need to make sure the arduino's mega328 isn't using the UART or it can be a source of problems... (disable serial comunication in your arduino or make sure the flash is blank (0xff)) It's better if you can use an external UART to USB converter like a CH340 or a FT232 board...
Hello! Yes, it's possible. I'm doing it. But what you have to be careful about is that a radio path has some non negligible error rates. It will therefore depend on what BT you are using, etc. I have an external flash for LCD data, and I am using a part of this flash to temporarily store the firmware. As long as the firmware and its (...)
hi I'm use ATxmega128a1 and at45db161 for store my icons, I 'm design my own HMI by this microcontroller and 7 inch tft lcd, everything is OK but I used 6 font that stored in internal flash and now my code is 130% of microcontroller's flash! when i use optimize is 90% and my code still remind. what should i do? how can i store fonts on (...)
ok, first, try writing the flash first! it it's successful, you can write the fuses... a new atmega comes with the internal oscillator enabled, so your first commands get answered correctly.. once it changes to an external oscillator, and the oscillator is faulty, you lose the communication... I can think only two possibilities: 1. you crystal
Now, we also can use Programme memory ( flash technology ! not ROM) to store or read datas by the application program (wich is also inside the flash Memory You also have EEPROM memory (MCU internal or external device, to write or read data when programming the device or by the application program... data remains into the EEPROM , even (...)
Hi, I am using epcs16 with EP3C FPGA and i want an external flash memory to read and write data on it. So, can i use epcs as external flash memory ?
Hi dear. 1)How can I program external flash memory of ? 2)You said with the can i use this solution for top threat ? Thanks & regard.
So I connected it between 9V 4.5A DC SMPS and external camera flash which requires 4xAA cells. To my surprise when flash is charging input current rises to 2.2A and voltage drops to about 2.5V. Is this normal?
I would like to the STM32F103 processor used external SPI flash memory for storing image for TFT LCD. I would like to SPI flash programmed along with the processor via the J-Link programmer (SWD) Can you advise how to do it
CPLD do not need external flash to store it image only FPGA need external flash.
Hi all. I am Automotive engineer working for BIZTeam company. I lost 10 minutes to find proper category for this question, if i made mistake, i apologize. --------- Here is problem We are working on Car Engine Computer, PSG16 (Opel 2.2DTI). ECU is on top of the Feul VP Pump, made on ceramic in BARE DIE packing. Inside we managed to
Feb. 25th, 2014, Embest Technology (a Premier Farnell company) launched SAMA5D3 Xplained evaluation kit. SAMA5D3 Xplained is a low-cost fast prototyping and evaluation platform built on Atmel?s SAMA5D3 ARM Cortex-A5 microprocessor. It comes with external memory and a rich set of interfaces such as 256MB DDR2, 256MB flash, 2 Ethernet physical-lay