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I am using ICD3 and MPLABx version v3.30,v3.51,v3.55 and MPLAB IPE similar versions the connection s and all things are okay external/internal oscillator config bits each and everything i tried still it gives the error "Failed to Program" also changes several memory ranges and different things but the same error occurs every time i also changes pc
please attach reference circuit... (what circuit are you plannig to use?) there are two ways to connect external memory to a common 8051... both ways uses Port0 as A/D and Port2 as A and uses the ALE pin to latch the Address from port0 but, 1. you can add external PROGRAM memory by (...)
Means it is possible to get our FPGA programmed on a programmer and then Plug it into a PCB designed for it. Means you didn't read the linked documents or basic datasheets thoroughly. They clarify that the configuration bitstream is read from an external memory device or send from a microscessor during power-up. The majority of FPGA
Form where I can download the simulator?? I need a simulator that can be used to deal with external
hey guys i wanted to know how to burn programcode into an external eeprom ,do we have to build a separate circuit for studyin 8051 from mazidi and they havent specified anything about it :?: If you use external program memory, AAAAx8 EPROM or AAAAx8 EEPROM, then the answer is YES, you need a
It is probably a software function in it's IC. The best you can probably do is see if there is a key you can press that does not change the result on the display (for example M+ key if you are not using the memory) and periodicaly simulate the key being pressed with an external circuit. Brian.
Hello, I am looking to design and create a OKI Semiconductor In circuit Programmer to do a memory Dump. The Device I am looking to Read, Write, and Erase to is an OKI - L66Q592 It is a 144pin LQFP Need to Develop a Programmer that will allow me to read, write erase to the Program memory, EEPROM, Internal and external (...)
From what you are saying the EEProm will work as the program memory, so it has to be first programmed ? externally ? and then it can be used in the crcuit (ZIF, IC socket ..) .. :wink: IanP
Hi, why don't you use the pin compatible P89LV51RD2 which is a 3V device? If other parts of your circuit really need the 5V, you have to scale down the voltage like Nandhu suggested for all signals originating from the MCU. You also need to make sure that the min high level of your external flash memory output is high enough to reach the (...)
In addition to what is internally available in any 8051 (256 Bytes) you can connect up to 64kB of external RAM .. see attached circuit .. IanP :D
Hi all, I need to connect some external memory to the PIC in order to store data from ADC. I am completely new to it, so I wanted to clarify a couple of things: 1. What type of memory would be suitable for this purpouse? 2.How can it be connected to uC and addressed? 3.How much slower will the uC access the external (...)
Say i have a uC and i want to interface an external memory... if the uC has a port or GPIF or GPIOs through which i can interface directly to the external memory then it is a glueless interface... Say i've to use a CPLD or programmable logic circuit of some kind between the uC and external (...)
Even if you use non-page mode for compatibility with traditional 8051 (the default mode of the DS89C430 following a reset) consideration must be made relating to memory type and speed. Since the basic instruction execution time has been streamlined in the DS89C430, the time available to transfer data to and from memory has also been reduced. This
80C51 doesn't have internal program memory so it can't be programmed .. If you want to us it you have to add 74373 latch and external EPROM (EEPROM) with the code in it. Much better options are 87C51, 89C51 or others .. These derivatives have internal OTP/EPROM or Flesh and some of them can be programmed "in circuit", for some you will (...)
Read the port using a DOS program (real DOS not a windows command prompt), perhaps with interupts disabled. Alternativly use an external circuit with buffer memory and use ECP mode. Remember that under windows even if you manage 10KHz there will still be periods of tens of millseconds when some other program is running instead of (...)
hi i want to make a stand-alone board with 8051 with this properties : 1- external program code ROM up to 64k 2- external RAM up to 64k and 3- FLASH or EEPROM as my memory can you guide me with this circuit wiring ?