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hello, if you are working with MPLAB C18 you can use the XLCD library extract of init void XLCDInit(void) { //PORT initialization //4bit mode //Upper 4-bits of the DATAPORT output XLCD_DATAPORT_TRIS &= 0x0f; XLCD_DATAPORT &= 0x0f; //control port initialization XLCD_RSPIN_TRIS =0; //make contro
Hi, I want to estimate the temperature of a circuit after place and route by cadence SOC encounter. I am able to run some workloads on this tool and extract switching activity and then extract power from synopsis power compiler. Considering these, does anyone know a solution to estimate the chip temperature? Regards, (...)
The SPICE resistor model supports linear and quadratic TC parameters. You have to extract the parameters from the resistance versus temperature table. I get R = 819.4*(1 + 0.008576*t + 10.22e-6*t?) over the full -55 bis +150C range. A respective netlist entry in SPICE would look like this: RKTY node+ node- 819.4 TC=8.576e-3,10.22e-6[/COD
Hi, anybody knows how can I extract the device temperature in ATLAS? I use the lattice heating and energy balance model but I don't know how to extract the device temperature! Thanks in advance
Hello, I am modeling a GaN power transistor, I think use RC array as temperature room to modelate the effect of temperature on GaN device. When you put supply voltage to the transistor, Id current decreases during time pulse and then from data you can extract behavioural model. Is it possible to use another way to get it?