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For high speed signals an eye pattern can provide a lot of information. The data eye diagram is constructed from a digital waveform by folding the parts of the waveform corresponding to each individual bit into a single graph with signal amplitude on the vertical axis and time on horizontal axis. One of the properties measured using (...)
hi ,everyone I am using IC610 and MMSIM13.1. I want to observe jitter of a PLL output. And I used eye diagram assistant in VIVA to process the PLL output .But I got two totally different eye is obtained by edge triggered and the other jitter is small .But the other is large (...)
Dear All, I am designing a conventional relaxation oscillator. The moninal frequency is around 2.85 MHz. When I try to run the transient noise simulation and use calculator to obtain the eye diagram, I got some weird diagram and i am very much confused. Attached you can see some waveforms obtained using the function (...)
98292 Hi everyone I'm simulating DLL at the moment I want to see the jitter of my DLL. The top image is the specification of my subject. Then, how should I set my eye diagram range to check the jitter? (I'm using Cadence Virtuoso simulation tool calculator) Please Help me! T.T
Hi, I am trying to implement an AND/NAND gate using current mode logic, and seem to have some trouble getting the output to exhibit low jitter. From looking at the transient waveform, there does not appear to be any glaring issues, but upon inspecting the eye diagram, it can easily be seen that the signal is quite poor. I have ensured that (...)
how to simulate the osc jitter in hspice (eye diagram, what to do)? and how to measure the jitter using Oscilloscope? besides, if the reference voltage of osc has a poor psrr, then can the osc jitter be larger? that is, is there some relationship between the reference voltage and jitter? (...)
1) use PLL clock or clock /N to trigger data on scope for eye pattern 2) compare tx clock to rx clock jitter.
Hi, i'm trying to plot the eye diagram of a jitter affected data using cadence spectre. In the calculator while using the eyediagram option, start time, stop time, period etc are asked. If my data has bit rate of 2.5Gbps and am running simulation for 100ns, what should be the above mentioned values set?. The (...)
Hi, My simulation tool is spectre of Cadence. I try to obtain the data jitter from the eye diagram. The calculator has eyediagram function, in which there is a function 'horitontal opening.' The function can work very well when you do normal simulation, and it will return the value of your horizontal (...)
Hello everyone, I have a question about simulation jitter in ADS. for the first step, I dont use to eye diagram, I only want to simulation the output signal of a ring oscillator with/without noise on its power supply, and compare it with measurement. From measurement, I got a statistal information about the period (...)
Hi everyone, I the width of rising(or falling) edge in eye diagram is equal to the peak to peak value of jitter. But what type of jitter it represent for? long term jitter or period jitter?
Hi, I've designed CRC(clock recovery circuit), and want to measure the jitter characteristics using Hspice. I'm not familiar with HSPICE, jitter, eye diagram, etc. Here are my questions. 1. I'm using PRBS patterns for the input data. Are they right to be used in my case? 2. I'm using Custom Waveview for the (...)
Hi, Ok, I simulated my LVDS receiver using input K28.5 pattern at 1Gbps. The eye diagram shown below is the eye pattern at the output. My question is, why is it that the waveforms that constitutes the eye are grouped into separate strands? The data pattern i used is K28.5 or 0011111010110000010... --andrew
hi, i wanted to generate eye diagram for USB FullSpeed Driver to measure jitter.Would any one suggest me,the PRBS pattern,need to use for generating eye digram? pattern means how may bits..bit time etc... Thanks
In sandwork, we easily measure prbs pattern jitter with eye diagram. However, can we measure the eye opening and jitter in cosmos-scope?
Hello friends.. I need to find the jitter from the eye diagram for LVDS for all corners. So how to calculate the jitter from the eye diagram in ocean script.. Please help me... Thanks in advance shady205
Hi All, I am not well acquainted with ocean scripting. Could any body tell me how i can write the command to measure " the jitter from eye diagram " using the ocean command. Thanks.
look the pic I paste. How to specify the interval for generating an eye diagram ? I think it can not be arbitrary but a multiple of the period of the interested wavefrom. Otherwise the waveform in the second interval can not be exactly superimposed with that in the first interval even without any jitter in the waveform at all. But in (...)
measure the jitter draw the eye diagram after transient analysis best regards, Rania
I have some questions for help. 1. How to simulate the nonlinearity of a relaxation oscillator. 2. Why some papers use HD2 to descripe the control linearity of a oscillator instead of the THD or HD3. 3. what's the difference between ' .fft , .four ' 4. What type of jitter can be measured by eye diagram? Is it cycle-cycle (...)

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