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Thanks. I have SNR =32 for BER=0.01. Therefore I cannot achieve this capacity is that correct? what modulation scheme do you suggest ? That is good SNR. Show details of eye pattern and schematic. Does your filter have ripple or group delay distortion , excess ISI? What is used for clock recovery? Comparato
For high speed signals an eye pattern can provide a lot of information. The data eye diagram is constructed from a digital waveform by folding the parts of the waveform corresponding to each individual bit into a single graph with signal amplitude on the vertical axis and time on horizontal axis. One of the properties measured using (...)
Hi, I run a simulation about equalization on Serdes link with Simulink. It is from a demo file. Although it is effective, I cannot make up the equalization parameters with the result. It is about 2 G Bit Per Second Serdes. Below picture shows that the distorted signal (up) and equalized signal (down): 105493 I get th
Hi, I am a diy enthusiast who enjoys repairing old audio equipment and saving the environment by recycling. A friend has given me an old GOS Instek653g after his employer upgraded to digital test and measurement equipment. The scope seems to work ok but when testing CD player laser eyepatterns the leading edge of the display is cut off. S
eye diagram (for baseband transmission) shows how many levels the transmission has and hence the bits/symbol of the system. If you know the shaping of the transmission, spectral_efficiency = symbol_efficiency / spectral_occupancy For instance, if the eye pattern of a baseband NRZ transmission has 4 leve
Hi everyone, I hope you guy can help me out. I have a BERT Agilent N4903. I use the N4903 pattern generator connect to the DUT. I use the DSA 8200 TDR (with a 80A06 module). The DSA 8200 have 80SJNB version software installed. Question is when I use the DSA i can see the eye diagram (i can measure the DJ, RJ ect..) however, when i us
We have an in-house USB 2.0 high speed device design with a captive cable that is showing violations of the Template 2 requirements when measured at TP2 (host board connector). Specifically, we are violating the D+/D- Level 2 parameter values of -525 mV. (See attached waveform.) Some other details: this same device, with designed w
eye pattern can be simply displayed by activating display persistence and selecting a suitable edge trigger.
I'm not sure, but it sounds like they mean with the naked eye, see if the device is aligned? i.e. look through a bore, maybe with a lens.
the block diagram of the transmitter is: 256/512K random sequence generator---Gaussian filter---LPF(filter the clock signal)---5.8GHz ASK modulator(double-balance mixer)---PA Now we use Agilent N9020A with 89600 vector signal analysis software to measure the eye diagram of the output, the I/Q waveform seems pretty good, but the eye diagram se
Hello, How to construct eye diagram from received signal that consists of a set of sample points to detect the modulation technique being used and also how to recover the original message data. Thanx...
for cross talk you can refer - and for timing window / eye pattern - regards, milind
I suspected in How to feature selection , Why eye isn't the feature ? I'm doubted because when we choose criteria as measurement can good done in Hand-Writting Recognition or Face Recognition then that's should be the open opinion, to use statistic datum , right ? Welcome to positive and negative answers ! May be such as pop, rock , folks
What is peak distortion? and why it is defined the way it is defined? and what does this have to do with ZF equalization? Imagine a binary sistem. Peak distortion is the ratio between the maximum absolute value of ISI and the signal alone. It is equal to the maximum closure of the eye in the eye pattern. For a given
Hi, I'm testing the receiver. And I want to see if it will receive all signals defined in spec by eye pattern. My question is: Is there any way to generate appropriate signal in Cadence that will meet the eye pattern that I will define? If I use bit source, than I get width of the eye equal to width of the (...)
How to calculate eye pattern mask values?
Hi, I want to do an worst case eye diagram simulation using ADS? Can we do peak distortion analysis,I want to give one input PRBS and check for bit sequence whther that is worst case and procedd with the output bit pattern to do further worst case analysis. If it could be done kindly guide me through. Any help would be greatful.
See the followings. The Designer's Guide Community Forum - PRBS pattern for eye diagram USB FS driver... The Designer's Guide Community Forum - Automation of eye Aperture Ratio Measurement [
Hi all, I'm developing a board with the JMH330 ( similar to JM20330 ). But I donīt know how to work with pins UA0 and UA1. At JMicron Application Note, it is described to be used as eye pattern measurement. But at datasheet of same manufacturer, they call it like UARTIn and UARTOut. What is the real function of this pin ? ( eye (...)
Hi, Ok, I simulated my LVDS receiver using input K28.5 pattern at 1Gbps. The eye diagram shown below is the eye pattern at the output. My question is, why is it that the waveforms that constitutes the eye are grouped into separate strands? The data pattern i used is K28.5 or (...)