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I am printing a 2-page fabrication drawing: Page one is the board/drill guide, and page two is just the fab notes and stack-up. The board outline is printed on both pages , even though my "board outline" mechanical layer isn't one of the layers selected to print for page 2. Is there a way to turn that off for? Thanks!
This all depends on the foundry's/fab's PDK, not on Cādence' setup. Read the docu! From the PDKs I know, bnd layers are used for bonding wires, whereas net layers are used for the nets in extracted views, AFAIR. drw layers are used for drawing of layout views.
Most Altium user use the Drill drawing layer as the fab drawing. However if you really want to add your own - you can do it in View Configurations Press "L" while you have an active PCB file and choose one of the mechanical layers click it twice to re-name. If you don't have any spare mechanical layers un-tick only show enabled mechincal (...)
Have you drawn "photoplot line"/ it is drawn in manufacturing class. if you have drawn check for the dimensionsin artwork in "film size limit". One more thing have you addede these layers in your artwork file for fab drawing?
What is problem you are getting to generate the fab drawing in 16.3? go to Manufacturer> art work >Gerber RS272X .generate fab drawing.. Thanks and Regards Praveen Bhat
AFAIK all slots will be created with either a chain drill or a routing bit and so will not actually have rounded corners. If you want a square corner then the board has to be punched - which is not something that gets output in gerbers so needs adding to your drilling drawing for special attention for the fab house (and can cost extra).
Hello Friends, I am new user of Altium. I do not have idea to create drill chart in Altium2004 for Drill drawing and for fab drawing..Please help me. Thanks in advance Regards, Atul
You need to generate NC Drill Files, and give your fab the TXT file that is generated. It is the ASCII Excellon drill file. The DRL file that is generated is an old binary format that very few fabricators use anymore. You should put any notes you want the fabricator to follow on the Drill drawing Layer, along with the (...)
Can you specify if you are talking about labels (like wire labelled VIN) or if you have drawn shapes to make letters? What you really want to do is call the fab and ask for the jobview for your project. Then you can see what is actually on the mask - and anything on the mask will be in the final chip. So if you have metal text crossing metal l
What you would need to do is specify these holes on the drill drawing so that the board fab house knows whats needed. They will then route them out with the router/drilling machines before plating. If you want to be able to show the start & finish you put a single drill at each end, but it MUST be identified as a slot in the drawing. (...)
Just do not define solder mask for those vias. You can have different vias in your design. Is advisable to add a note on fab drawing also. Regards, M
You most certainly need to be providing a fabrication drawing. This is usually partly the drill drawing, yet you add more detail to it like the finish, tolerances, board dimensions etc. If your assembly line has gone lead free then you need to be making a general announcment to your suppliers that all boards from x date should be lead free.
You simply add a note to your fab. drawing pointing to the edges you want scored, along with a detail of the "V" score - there is nothing special to do in the PCB design file. SiGiNT
Not sure about Pads, but, (assuming layer 2 and 3 are positive layers), almost all PCB design softs have the option to plot without non-functional pads, or you can have the pcb fab shop remove inner-layer non-functional pads - usually via a note on your fab drawing. SiGiNT
Scoring and other special fabrication instructions are done as notes on your drill drawing, a mechanical layer, and/or a separate fabrication instruction sheet - depending on what your fab is accustomed to seeing. The notes are instructions to your PCB fab concerning exactly what you want to do. You put (...)