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I'm quite sure that Kanthal and other resistance wire materials are available in Sweden in various gauges, but the problem might be to get smaller reels than one or even five kilograms. Wire drawing as sketched by c_mitra is a complex industrial process and not well suited for home fabrication. It might be easier to recycle e-waste for your purpose
I am printing a 2-page fabrication drawing: Page one is the board/drill guide, and page two is just the fab notes and stack-up. The board outline is printed on both pages , even though my "board outline" mechanical layer isn't one of the layers selected to print for page 2. Is there a way to turn that off for? Thanks!
My fabrication notes, sent and used as part of the contractual agreement with the PCB manufacturer. I also do a basic drawing showing PCB dimension that are critical and I require the manufacuter to check, with any pertinent notes for that apticular board design, as covered by section 2.2 of my spec. In the event of a conflict between the procur
Hello All, I am trying to generate fabrication drawing in .art format in allegro 16.3. I have used a Dsize fab symbol in Class drawing format -> subclass outline. Also added assembly notes and layer stackup information in Class drawing format(outline, title block). When i try to generate the .art file, only the NC drill (...)
Can orcad PCB editor generate a fabrication drawing? My board house is requesting one thanks
VP, In this proto are you sending this out to a fabrication house? If so, you can simply ommit the mask layers. Also, you should add a note in fabrication drawing that no solder mask is to be applied. Regards, Eda
Quick question, I have holes in a footprint for a USB connector, I've added these to my footprint using a 'PAD' in the drill drawing layer. Everything seems okay, however I can't see this hole coming up in either the 3D view of my PCB or in the fabrication > drill drawing print preview thingy. Is this normal or am I forgetting (...)
i am looking for a standard note for the fabrication drawing that ties the drawing to a specific electronic data file (that contains all the drill data, gerber, IPC -356D, etc). our electronic data is typically zipped together. would like to refer to this file specifically when telling the fabricator to use it in conjunction with the drawi
Out of Expedition itself you are limited to printing entire design or current view. You could print all layers individually but it would be alot of work. The correct way to generate plots Such as fabrication drawings, assembly drawings, routing layers, and planes is to use drawing editor. There will be a bit of work (...)
I need to convert a NC Drill file to a DXF file to help create a fabrication drawing. Basically what I need is a drawing showing all the drill locations with a different symbol for each hole size. Thanks, D2.
An engineer who prepares the physical drawing(MASK) of the transistors (circuits ) designed by the circuit designer. The Layout(drawing,MASK) that he prepares is sent for fabrication.
I would say the most complete tool I have used to date is the Mentor Graphics Expediton suite. Front end: DxDesigner or Design Capture Additional front end: IODesigner Layout: Expedition Simulation: Hyperlynx fabrication and drawings: Fablink and drawing Editor The above are all part of the same tool suite. While this is not the (...)
In cadstar it is not possible to assign Finger holes.The only way is you assign circular hole in PAD assignment and then provide drawing for Finger hole in drill drawing layer.ANd also provide the details of Finger hole(x,y dimension) in fabrication notes. Regards, abhi
You most certainly need to be providing a fabrication drawing. This is usually partly the drill drawing, yet you add more detail to it like the finish, tolerances, board dimensions etc. If your assembly line has gone lead free then you need to be making a general announcment to your suppliers that all boards from x date should be lead free.
fabrication process involves proper doping in selected regions of the die to account for all the transistors and we need to clearly demarcate the area where to implant the dopants to form the gate,source drain and all that stuff with interconnections too... That drawing is layout shortly... Layout gives the area overhead and related constrain
Not only during the fabrication but also thoughout the lifetime of a device. In other words whenever the device is on and heats up. Metal has different temperature coefs. then silicon and oxides and so expands faster/more then the oxide on which it is placed. That leads to die/metal cracking. So it is reliability rule which is good idea to follow
Hi... A Mask layout and Drawnt Layout mainly have similar kind of design methods, however the difference lies in the stage of fabrication where these are used. A mask layout is used at various stages in fabrication say from deposition to well formation,diffusion ,gate formation etc. Whereas a drawn layout is used as a starting document in
Normally for the PCB fabrication you require the Gerber Files of each and every layer you used in your Layout, the NC Drill File which contains the hole dimensions and the addition to these you may require the assembly drawing and the mechanical layer diagram if you used that layer. Thanking You.
Scoring and other special fabrication instructions are done as notes on your drill drawing, a mechanical layer, and/or a separate fabrication instruction sheet - depending on what your fab is accustomed to seeing. The notes are instructions to your PCB fab concerning exactly what you want to do. You put your scoring lines on a mechanical (...)