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Hi all What took so long that first NMOS device was fabricated after nearly a decade of PMOS fabrication? Since it just need to reverse the source and substrate region.
The process of manufacturing semiconductors, or integrated circuits (commonly called ICs, or chips) typically consists of more than a hundred steps, during which hundreds of copies of an integrated circuit are formed on a single wafer. Generally, the process involves the creation of eight to 20 patterned layers on and into the substrate, ultimatel
Well, antenna errors are not allowed in analog layout ;-) Antenna errors create problems only during fabrication of the wafer (at plasma etch and CMP process steps). In this phase, well and substrate are equivalent regarding charge drain-off.
Hi akum, can you show your fabrication so that you can get some help ?
Dear all, I am preparing &analyzing PCB requirements. Starting any new design in first fabrication needs to fill all satisfaction in presentation, assembly, outputs & almost all features. I prepared one check list, which thing needs to remember at right time.
What is the steps for designning NMOS or PMOS in fabrication???? I means how to determine the parameters like leakage current, threshold voltage......
How the fabrication process steps works in manufacturing an IC??
For fabrication of a chip we requires a lot mask depending on number of steps. Each step requires a photo mask, as we require different patterns for different step. So different masks are required to crate different patterns. For example, in ion implantation a certain area of silicon is exposed rest of need to covered with oxide. gate oxide pattern
I am looking at the fabrication artwork for a reference design. It is a four layer, 1mm thick PCB with 0.4mm pitch BGAs. They use blind vias and VIP for connections from Layer 1 to Layer 2, with 0.1mm silver filled holes. But the stackup calls for core and foil construction, with an FR4 core, 1080 Pre-preg dielectrics and copper foil outer layers.
Hello Everybody, I am trying to build a capacitive touch pad in a circular fashion to control a light dimmer using ATmega8. I read all the application notes regarding mTouch by Microchip. What i am asking for any piece of advice i can get from anyone's experience on dealing with touch pad. And what are the steps i should follow.
Folks, I'm making a write-up for a workshop. The class is on PCB layout, but I want to give students an idea about PCB fabrication too. Is this a the correct step for fabrication with photolithography? 1. Copper clad FR4 substrate – starting point 2. Drill 3. Plate 4. Apply photoresist 5. Expose photoresist 6. Wash off unexposed
The design rules guarantee that the non-idealities and imperfections during fabrication ( that usually come from imperfections in material, control steps and photo lithography limitations) do not affect the functionality of you circuit If design rules are violated the odds that you get unwanted shorts and opens in the circuit increases and most
I came across some papers that refers to the term stepped field plate where the gate oxide is made thicker near the drain of an LDMOS in a single or two steps (i.e. three levels of gate-oxide thickness) to increase breakdown voltage. How is this is different from LOCOS (field oxide growth)? Is there a paper or a book on fabrication that refers to
hai frnds.plz tell me CMOS fabrication steps.i read some books.but i understand littel bit.any one have good material plz send to me thanks vamsi
i need papers or application notes about the fabrication steps of microstrip circuits like etching , lithography and the precautions to be taken .... etc thanks in advance
if any one could tell me the source to download the video processing of the whole fabrication proccess employed by the fab center...for the better understanding of the whole phenomena, different steps and rules involved
I saw ,about one year ago, two videos (i think made by Intel?) describing the Si IC fabrication process steps, and one of them called: "Sillicon Run II" . I wonder if I can download them and/or similar videos online, Thanks for help, Ahmad,
Why lightly doped drains(LDD) are required in MOS fabrication?
what is the difference between IC fabrication & MEMS fabrication methods