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You must have port P1 on a conductor face. You need to have some material that's not a conductor touching the face of the port (as well as a number of conductors, if that's what you want).
Google it.. That could give more number of options...Simply asking for a code doesn't make sense... Try with your own code and put here if you face some issues with that.
Hello dears I want to use a klopfeinsten taper in my circuit but when I use the DA_TLMatch1 component in libarary of ADS2009 and run my circuit face to an error. The error is: Incorrect number of terminals specified for DA_TLMatch1. Anyone know how can I resolve this problem? Thank you
i am new in hfss, when i define a incident wave source and When we perform the following settings in Spherical vector setup. in Iwavephi part: start=0; stop=360; step=2; and in IwaveTheta: start=0; stop=360; step=2; i face with this problem: the total number of scan angle combinations of Iwavephi and IwaveTh
You cannot get the ready made code here. People here just help you out where you face difficulty.
hii, i need help, i hav use hfss 11 an problem encounter when i analyze my hfss antenna Port 'WavePort1': No non port face could be found containing a terminal edge assignment. Port refinement, process hf3d error: number of terminals does not match the number of modes requested. Verify port WavePort1 setup. because
HI all, I Gone through some of the design..And i am working on physical design currently.What sort of complexity the physical design engineer will face,if number of processor is increased.for example what is the challenges if i have 2 cpu cores instead of 1 cpu core in my design,how it really matter for physical design guy... thanks,
Dear All, I face a problem with the amplifier circuit of 5 level multi level inverter circuit. The main problem is summarized in that i need to drive number of MOSFETs (IRF540N) and I found that if i used an amplifier circuit will be good, but when i tried to drive the MOSFET i got that i need a driving voltage equal to main supply voltage and
Hi... I am using a Dual port SRAm generator from artisan... The user manual say the minimum number of words can be 16... but when i try to generate a RAM with 64 words it shows error telling that number of words should be between 128 to 1024... why do i face this problem... please do help... (...)
thee are number for approches for face Recg..... You can choose any of these 1) PCA 2) MCT 3) DCT 4) Neural Networks PCA is best suited because it gives better energy compaction but the computation is more as compared to other methods. PCA based face regn was done by Turk & Pentland (chk google), This MATLAb code can be found on (...)