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Hello, I'm new here and i'm beginner in electronic circuits, I would like to ask if anyone can help me in this small circuit. I would like to do blinking led (fade in and blink out). I saw some videos on youtube and i found one perfect: I bought components which he used (1x 1k variable resistor
The text you linked to is pretty badly written. As far as I gather, there are a number of tones (12 or 13?) with different frequencies (starting at 100Hz or 148.83Hz?). A time-domain window is applied so the tones are only audible for a finite amount of time... and the fade-in (attack) and fade-out (decay) are configurable by modifying (...)
Hi everybody, I'd like to make my LED strips to turn on slowly and then turn off slowly. Say I have a 5m 3528 LED strip and when I switch it on, the strip fades in and when I turn them off, the LED strip fades out. I know there are plenty of ideas online, but they are not what I'm looking for. This is a good example what I want (...)
Not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but if you've purchased some parts from Farnell and not used them for a year, the labels may have faded to pure white.. The image below is of parts that were purchased in June 2011. 79354 Lesson: worth writing in ink what the parts are, in case there is a risk of not using them in
When you want 30s fade in and fade out? Allways repeated or after power TV on and off? How turn leds now? Same time with TV? How look 12V power adapter? You mean why do I want it 30s? Right now the LED's are on a switch that I turn on and off.. However fading in and out will give my eyes better time to adjust.
Hello, regarding the issue of signal fade using OFDM modulation. I understand how Guard interval helps with interference from following or preceeding symbols but spacing out the sampling so no interference occurs but I don't understand how Guard interval helps prevent the fade of a particular symbol. If someone could please elaborate (...)
Is this all to fit inside of a fake cork? What voltage is your battery? Do you need an abrupt cutoff of the LED at the end of the time, or could you accept a gradual fade-out? Ken
hi i am beginner using at89c52 and using c language for the programs. for fading in and out the led i used the pwm with varying duty cycle. the total period of pwm was fixed to 20ms. But still the led is glowing with the same intensity of brightness. Can anyone plz help me out with the c code. Thanks ----------
Thank you for the terminology. I'm used to having positive and negatives on a battery, but is the negative of a battery really 0v or Gnd? The diode did the trick. So, if I understand this right.. current flows through a diode in one direction only, from the anode to the cathode. Since electricity follows the path of least resistance, the input of
program MikroBasic_Messages ' * Description: Scrolled to right ' *modified by: supra ' * Test configuration: ' MCU: PIC16F628A ' Misc: 74hc154; 8*32 dot matrix ' Oscillator: 20.0000 MHz ' config: PWRITE_ON, WDT_OFF, LVP_OFF, HS ' Ext. Modules: - ' SW: mikroBasic V7.0.0.2 const text as integer =( $7F, $09, $09, $09, $06, $00,
hiii.... i need matlab code for fade-in and fade-out of audio signal..... if anyone has an idea please reply..... thnx in advance....
You can simply place a RC (with large time constant) before the LED. The fade in and fade out time just simply control by the RC constant.
if you want to fade in/out the LED read this: Mik
Hi all, The CT2 Cordless phones are currently in use in a number of EU countries but will fade out since no mfg is still promoting CT2. There seem to exist a very large network in Paris using this CT2 band. However, the band 865-868 MHz is under current review by CEPT and probably will be re-assigned to RFID with up to 2 W erp power. ETSI seem