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Hi, I wrote a software that writes data to the FPGA register, and read the processing results. I found that for repetitive read/write, the software fails to read registers anymore (the DpcPutReg function returns -1) I also tried to make this using Adept software, after some (10~30) reads/writes, I cannot read/write (...)
Hello Edaboard Comunity, Im working with a SIM900 and i would like to know how i could Force the network registration when it fails, sais, +CGREG=0, until it connect... Thanks for your attention and help. Send pulses to the PWRKEY pin of the module to restart everytime it fails to register to the network.
As they say, when everything else fails check the manual... Did you read chapter 7? Also download the The Insider's Guide To The NXP LPC2000 and check section 3.12
Result is a 17 bit register, (16 downto 0) and when you do result'High VHDL returns "16" instead of "result(16)". The 'HIGH attirbute returns the index of the most significant bit and NOT the value stored in that bit. No, the original code is selecting the MSB, as intended. The compilation fails because you forgot to import i