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Homework again..... look this simulation , edit values and circuit. Chance load so that Ic = 2A, measure currents and voltages etc etc... and use
Inductor behavior is complicated. I'm a fan of the analog simulations. Here's the interactive java applet for an inductor, showing waveforms. As you'll see a portion of your triangle wave is correct as post #2 stated. (You may be asked to allow network type communication. Click
Here is simulation for bistable FlipFlop circuit You can test , measure and modify circuit
Test with
Here is Triggered Bistable FlipFlop with 555 timer Ic Test 6+10.20027730826997+50+5.0+43%0A165+400+208+624+208+2+0.0%0Aw+352+128+720+128+0%0Aw +464+176+464+128+0%0Aw+528+240+528+128+0%0Aw+528+272+592+272+0%0Aw +560+272+560+160+0%0Aw+560+160+272+160+0%0Aw+352+128+352+192+
Here is interesting basic simulator for beginners. Electronics Demonstrations for other physics Math, Physics, and Engineering Applets Thankyou
Try a peak detector - it can be reset by an external transistor, or by using an open-drain output on one of the ports. (Java circuit simulator.)
You can build an astable multivibrator using 2 transistors 2 capacitors 4 resistors Java applet: