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What you are referring to "magnetic blender"- we use in the lab a lot- magnetic stirrer- for mixing liquids. They need a lot more power than a simple PC fan can provide. Viscosity of air and water are greatly different; you are using a motor that is designed to run at high speed and low load to drive a high load at low speed. But I really do not
Hello Friends Please help me any one. my hardware is complete and ok. But my programming of program in few misteck. I have use pic16f676 ic and bta12 triac. All applice can be ob/off. But When I connected fan that time fan will not start.but only doing harmming of fan. I have also apply zero cross detection In program (...)
Can anyone can help my why this code doesn't work. The timer interrupts doesn't count the rpm. The purpose of project is to find the rpm of fan and display in 7segments. In specifications of fan the rpm is 10000. I'm using atmega128 and the pin of IC is PIND4 and also to display in 7segments must be use (...)
I have a bunch of 24v dc fans I want to power from a marine battery at 12v for an rv. each fan draws 110ma I wired them in parallel, so my load is 440ma (I think) Now If I power this directly from the 12v, the fans run slow, so I bought: 150W DC-DC Boost Converter 10-32V to 12-35V Step Up Charger Po
i want to interface dc 12v dc fan to micro controller and with 2 switches i want to increase or decrease the speed of the fan ,simultaneously i want to measure the rpm of that fan and display on LCD. i just now started to interface LCD and switches. how to proceed please guide me. i am using at89c52 micro controller and (...)
thnks sir, this is my final program /****************************************************************** * DDS-sinewave - 3phase * ******************************************************************/ #include "avr/pgmspace.h" #include "avr/io.h" PROGMEM prog_uchar sine256 = { 127,130,133,136,139,143,146,1
Hello! As an engineer who graduated #2 out of 10 in my class from a top tier university, yet I am completely, 100%, stumped on this electronics project and feeling like I a complete doo doo head and I am in dire need of help from my nerd comrades. What I am trying to do is increase the rpm?s of this fan motor. Right now it has a 4 setting sele
Oh yeah I'm sorry the comments are wrong don't mind them I adapted this from another code and forgot to update them Yes I meant 1 LED (transmitter) and one receiver So I only need to know if there is something missing here in order to a goal being counted each time the ball passes through the led Don't mind the LCD part, I'm pretty sure th
CPU fan controller using PIC16F877A pin CPU fan controller using PIC16F877A micro controller. 25 Khz PWM Generator, rpm Meter, and Button switch Speed adjust. obrazki.
in a PIC24 based mechatronics trainer we use the motor speed sensor is a simple system where a fan interrupts a beam 1. the signal from the fan is fed to a digital input with interrupt on change - a count is accumulated 2. timer runs for a tenth of a second and the calculation for rpm is (the fan h
I am trying to measure wind speed by attaching a fan to a generator. I want to find the easiest way to output the voltage and speed to my laptop. I know I could use back EMF but I don't know how to use it.
hi friends, I want to design a rpm counter for 3 wire CPU fan. For that, I design circuit using PIC16F84 as counter. The counter is working perfectly. But when I try to connect the 3rd wire to PIC, I am getting constant 3000 rpm in display. There is no change even the fan is stopped by hand. Here is the code for (...)
i want to repair my ceiling fan motor. it was brunt when running. i search in books and internet to repair this. but i cant solve the problem. the fan is 220V AC (50HZ), 1200rpm it has 2.5uf, 440V capacitor. any body please help me about the number of turns of the coil. and how to connect the capacitor. i attached the photo of the (...)
hello what PIC family you are using ... sprintf can be used for 18F... and what unit for other info like rpm , fan value is it integer, long or float ?
Dear masters, Please help me. I have NEC Laptop, model Versa P8100 with Intel Pentium Mobile Celero 1,7Ghz, 2Gb of ram. have trouble the LCD screen is Blank... even Back lgiht not light. And, the power led and charging led was blinking... fan for cooling system rotate in high rpm. i've browse for trouble shooting in the net, but negative.
Use Hall switch. He can measure rpm or rotating rotor at all. Lots of fans have already embedded Hall switch sensor. If speed is under normal speed or 0 rpm this tell you to check fan. Pay attention on Cool&Quiet option. Best regards, Peter
Depends a bit on what type of fan that is? For some types, you can use the commutation current profile to generate a pulse for each commutation. Divided by the amount of commutations/windings you get rpm.
the blades creates the airspeed against as it rotates. Airspeed is the speed of an aircraft relative to the air; I don't think it's a term applied to fans. as the linear velocity decreases as the point on blade is closer to the center,then the airspeed decreases with it.. You are correct. Airspeed i
Usually Phase angle control method will be used to control the speed of 1ph AC motors. ex: fan "Power ratings 500 Watts 18,000 rpm" - I hope it must be universal motor. Ex: mixie In universal motor we can use the same phase angle control method but mostly different rating tapping from the winding will be taken out and rotary switch or p
How noisy is it? I suspect very noisy at max rpm. To make it quiet... consider muffler design with inline fan. no eddy current noise nice HP logo.. :lol::lol: