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Hello I have simulated a dipole antenna on ground plane for both flat surface and curved surface. But, the 3D radiation pattern is asymmetric and shows directional at theta = -40 instead at 0 degree which doesn't make sense to me. I am expecting more radiation at zero degree that is normal direction to the substrate. Can anyone help me?
I did not understand your first question. Yes, HFSS computes fields on the outer radiation boundary and then it calculates the far-field radiation pattern from the calculated field quantities (on radiation boundary)
When in post-processing, go to the tab "far field Cut" and enable it. You can see the XY plane by choosing theta = 90?, for instance, or the YZ plane by choosing phi = 90?, and so on.
I have a horn antenna working at 144GHz with A=12mm and B=14mm. Then I'll illuminate a satellite dish of 57cm diameter with this antenna, with the feed located at the focal point of the parabola. I have the radiation pattern of the horn, made with MATLAB. The goal is to know the beam propagation (power radiation) pattern of (...)
When you are plotting the far field radiation pattern you are setting the plot frequency to 50GHz and not 57GHz. If you want to plot radiation pattern of 57GHz you should go to families and set frequency to 57GHz.
Hi, I'm trying to plot the far-field radiation pattern of a thin wire dipole antenna using the equation I found on balanis book(antenna theory, 3rd edition, section 4.5.2): E_{\theta} = j{\eta}\frac{ke^{-jkr}}{4{\pi}r}sin({\theta}){\int}_{-l/2}^{l/2}I_{e}(x',y',z')e^{jkz'cos({\theta})dz'} When the current feed 'Ie' (...)
Hi! You need to insert field monitors (far-field) at the frequency of interest. After simulation is complete, you can view the results in the farfield section in the navigation tree on the left side of your window. You can then right click and select polar plot which enables you to select the plane of (...)
Hi vijaimvk, I'm not sure what you're trying to do. You can plot 2D plots by selecting far fields Report -> radiation pattern. You can then plot vs theta or phi, selecting the cut angles with the "families" tab. Good Luck
Provided you are in the far field range, the signal loss can be easily caculated by looking at the dipole's radiation pattern.
Hi all, Are there any software that allow you to visualize the far field of a specified current distribution. Thanks in advance. Regards, Tayyab Nouman
Hi, I'm currently working on the very basic of creating a half wave dipole but I couldn't seem to exploit the far field radiation pattern. Whenever I click on the farfield tab, it will request me to select a subfolder or a tree item but there is none to be selected. Do you have any idea? (...)
There is a lot of potential for getting confused about polarization. Its the sort of thing you think you understand first time, skip through to the bottom line, and go away truly believing something false. Also, try and separate in your mind the difference between a far field radiation pattern (strength) plot, and the shape (...)
Hi all, I have read about calculating the G.Delay of antenna using S11 or S21 using 2 identical antennas, but Can we use the radiation pattern instead of the second antenna? I mean for a certain direction we take the G.Delay as 1st derivative of phase over freq. for the electric field in the far-field . (...)
i am following this steps, Result > far field report > radiation pattern > gainLX for Eplane copolarization. but nt getting results.:?: Plz any1 tell me am i right????????? & wt r steps to see H Plane polarization ???????:?: Please reply as early as possible. Thanking u in anticipation
Yes, a known reference is needed but only at the frequencies you intend to measure. I suppose if you had two antennas that are exactly alike, you could make a single point to point far field measurement in ideal conditions (no Fresnel interference, not very humid with dry soil if outdoors). Then in dBs calculate: 'calculated loss' - 'measur
Hi Everyone, I am new to CST MWS. I simulated a standard gain horn antenna. But in the 'field Monitor' option, I forgot give the 'far-field parameter' for a particular frequency. Without running the simulation again, Is there any option to get the radiation pattern ??? (To see the (...)
Hi all, hope anyone could help me with this. I'm confused. when simulated a microstrip antenna(from a paper) the return loss was as expected but the radiation pattern is NOT. could the return loss be right and the radiation pattern wrong? it is the same antenna and return loss tells it's radiating well. Any ideas (...)
Hello all. i am new to using ADS .. i want to calculate the far field radiation pattern .. ( in polar plots ) please can anybody tell me how to fix the values of theta and phi in 2 D settings while calculating the radiation pattern .. please help me in this regards .. Its really urgent ..
Hello everybody. I need some help very urgently. I designed a stacked patch antenna, obtained its S11, VSWR, smith chart and all using HFSS v12. Now i wish to obtain its far field radiation pattern. for that i already created far field setup and infinite sphere with Φ having two (...)
Dear friends I attached the figure of an antenna and the far field radiation pattern. I want to know: 1.what are the co-polar and x-polar pattern direction? 2. what are the E-Plane and H-Plane? it's very urgent for me ,I really thank if some one help me. 69221 6922269228[/ATT