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Hi! I need some help please! I searching for datasheets,pinout and command sets of fastrax 3216 GPS modules(IT0302 series). But I can't find anything on google.
The choice of the GPS tracker will depend on the power requirement, communication interface, accuracy you need. When I made it as a project I used fastrax UP501 (okay) and I used SIM300 (GSM modem) without internet support. You just figure out your requirements and google a bit. You will surely get one suitable for your application. Or else some o
Hello, Can we use U-center Software to communicate with FATRAX IT530 Best regards
Hello, I'm looking for tutorials and examples of "fastrax IT530" module GPS. If you have any suggestions , please don't hesitate. I'm waiting for your help :wink: 10x
I suggest you Quectal L50 AGPS with passive patch antenna for cheaper & best solution.... fastrax U501B will be the best AGPS module with patch antenna & has very good tracking sensitivity of 165dB. Quectel is available in India (Advent technologies) itself... I am doing a project with combination of L50 GPS & GSM modem.... Regards Udhay
Hi, I wish to try and build a mobile tracking device as the ones on the matket are too expensive for me. I am going to use a GPS receiver like one here so I now need a GPRS modem to integrate with it. Can anyone offer a good GPRS modem? I want my device to be always on and always transmiting its location to a webpage
Hai I am using a fastrax GPs module for my Project and it is working ok for all horizontal position data . When trying to decode the GGA string to decode the altitude from MSL it gives a variying value .Actually I am almost 5 meters above sealevel. But the unit is variably outputting values from -25 to 65 meters. Any ide