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have you considered fat filesystem (fat32) . is there any difficulty in adopting it ?
Hi friends, without using fat can we access the memory for store the data like eeprom?
hi, i am trying to interface SD card (not in fat format on read write bytes).I have successfully interface 1GB SD card read and write option both my code work properly. But when i try my same code with 2GB SD card i can write my data on it successfully (i have checked through HxD softwear) (...)
hii to all, i want to read/write bytes on SD card in simple way (fat format is optional). Anybody who successfully interfaced SD card with 8051 architecture please share his code or any useful related link (if any). their are several example based on AVR and PIC microcontroller on internet but they are not useful for me. i required (...)
hello, I did some test on "Petite fat" with a SD card 2Go , preformatted with a PC as fat32 I can read and write files on this card. I use a PIC18F46K22 witch has a large amount of RAM and modify the linker file to have a bigbuffer of 512 bytes My Card don' t have a "presence Card" status info.. more info
Hello! You need to make 2 parts: 1. An SD card driver. This allows you to write raw data anywhere on your card. 2. Once you managed to develop an SD card driver, you need a fat file system (I suppose that you are going to use fat format to write your SD card with a PC and read it with you MCU, right? There (...)
Hi everyone! I'm not sure if this has been asked before. I've tried interfacing a SD Card to a microcontroller with a very fast read/write cycle (i'm writing data every second). After days of continuous run, I noticed that the performance degrades. My question is, is fat the only available format for writing to SD Cards using a (...)
Could anyone please let me know how we can write and read micro SD card without using filesystem. I want to write and read micro SD card in the same way as we do for external flash (using SPI). Waiting for a reply.
how to write data to an MMC without any filesystem ? (i mean i want to store some raw data to MMC from PC. Data should be stored from the first memory location. Then i could read it using a PIC microcontroller which doesnt have code to read a filesystem like fat. What i am supposed to do is, i want to store some data from pc (...)
SD card implements various file storage algorithms (fat, NTFS, etc.). Easiest to learn is fat (File Allocation Table). You will have to learn how fat is implemented to store files on memory. You can use this book : "Programming 32-bit Microcontrollers in C - Exploring the PIC32 by Lucio Di Jasio". It gives easy understanding of how (...)
Hello, I am using MDD Library for PIC24F interfacing with SD CARD 2GB ScanDisk. I have not required any file system (like fat). So I have filtered out Simple MDD routine for using SDCARD as simple Memory as below: char sendBuffer = "CHECK"; char sendBuffer1 = "123456"; char recbuffer1; char sendBuffer2 = "ABCDEF";
There are different protocol layers involved, not sure which you're referring to. application layer (any) file system layer (mostly fat16/fat32) media structure layer (MBR + partitions) USB mass storage device class general USB protocol framework USB physical layer (full speed/high speed)
this is a codvision code program for fat16 or fat32 on AVR readME.TXT file for any AVR.I tested on MEGA16 with 16MHZ crystal.enjoy it Hi Please help me how can I write in existing "TXT" file. "Vaghean kar dorosti ---> lotfan komakam kon :D "
another fat file system:
i want to connect Compact Flash to a FPGA (SpartanIIE). , read & write, without fat configuration. read & write only for storage big DATA. can anybody help me ? (i want VHDL code :idea:)
hi, I am interfacing MMC card with LPC2148 SPI based . I have one application note from NXP which shows how to interface SD /MMC (512 MB) card using SPI for fat16. using that code i am able to write & read data . So i am able to read data from (Sector 0- Boot sector , Sector 6 - fat table sector (...)
i want make my own USB mass storage,my plan is :AT89C51+PIDUBSD12+RS-MMC card,the question is : how could the C51 R/W the RS-MMC card??what's the defination of the PINS of RS-MMC card,there are 13 pins of my RS-MMC card. Any advices for me ??? another question:Do the fat file system already exists on the RS-MMC card,becasue when i insert m
we have doing some project reading text file from MMC, in order to save file on MMC we used fat 16 then we developt driver (software) for fat 16. we succesfull reading text file saved on MMC regards
What is File system? are you using Windows,unix,Linux... if windows, you should preferrence fat structure (MMC use fat 16) and winhex software for explore MMC with General Card reader
the main file system is ext2/ext3 but you can use reiserfs in case you need high performance (with less reliability). Anyway you can read any NTFS filesystem (write is not suggested so far), and read/write any fat, HFS, ISO filesystem. Ciao AxeL
Hi Have a small question about SD cards, if anyone has worked with those... I have written code to read write the card and a small fat system is implemented. I have no problem reading the cards and I can in almost all cases write to them as well. But in some rare ocations when I remove the card during (...)
You can use Paragon Ext2FS Anywhere "...Install this utility and your Ext2FS and Ext3FS volumes will become usual drives, like C: or D: drives. All data on these Linux partitions will become accessible for you, for operating system and for any application under Windows. You can read or change any file, or even create new file