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Check out this course website. It has matlab codes, videos, and more.
hi; I'm working in ARM-fdtd (adaptative mesh refinement fdtd) in electromagnetic waves. That is a method to subgrid in fdtd. I 'm blocked in the implementation of the mesch refinement in the fdtd electromagnetics equations. Please help and if any one have matlab coding for ARM (...)
i need fdtd-1D (gauss source) matlab code and with PML. please!!! help me.
Hey I am using CST for 3D fdtd simulation. I can do 2D and 1D in C or matlab code but with 3D code becomes complicated hence I want to shift to CST. I understand that CST microwave studio can do the job for me. I just want 5x5x5 m 3D space and take a gaussian source somewhere within this space. I want to (...)
Electromagnetic Simulation Using the fdtd Method by Dennis M. Sullivan Try starting with this book.. I gives good theory and has some matlab codes too..!!
Hi I am doing research on photonics crystals, using fdtd method and the matlab code I have made it my GUI environment. Do you need to change the structure of the code is updated? In addition, the band gap and spray charts and I can not transfer power to get you please help me (...)
Hello sara67, If you go to my groups website, , and go under resources and you will find some lectures notes. They explain how to place devices on a grid for fdtd and other various numerical methods. Cesar
hi to all. does anyone have a matlab or C++ or fortran code for ADI-fdtd or Leapfrog-ADI-fdtd methods in 2D and 3D? or at least,there is anyone that is familiar with this methods in fdtd? if you have a code,please contact me. my email: and if you are (...)
hi all. I want to learn particle in cell and fdtd simulation.can enyone help me to learn it? enyone have matlab code? which book i want to study? please help me. thanks
hi. I have a question in fdtd and antenna feeding. I want to feed my DRA with coaxial cable and transmission line feed model.I wrote a code in matlab. do I have to use from thin-wire modeling,to model inner conductor of coaxial cable? how model outer conductor of coax? I'm confused really!!! please help me...
hi. I have a basic question in fdtd.I know formula and concepts of Huygens surface and I know formulas of near field to far field transformation (NFTFF) and also I can write matlab codes for this purpose.but I have a simple question. for NFTFF calculations,where I should place Huygens surface?before PML or (...)
hi. I have a can I convert a C code to matlab code?I have a fdtd code to C language and should convert it to matlab. how should do this work? please step by step tell me... thanks...
hi to all. I wrote a 3D-fdtd code in matlab. I have a cylindrical dielectric antenna that surrounded by air(epsr=1).I know maxwell equations and discretized forms of them both in vaccum and dielectric.but I donn't know how import a coaxial feed to my dielectric antenna.this antenna is like of monopole antenna. I placed a (...)
hi to all. why in my 3D fdtd matlab code fields become very big?for example they are from order of 1e20! why my code become divergence? how should set a proper source for my cylindrical dielectric antenna? do I set proper permitivity in programming or should use from averaged permitivity in interface of dielectic antenna-air? this permitivity
hi friends. I wrote a 3D fdtd matlab code in cartesian coordinates with first order Mur ABC. but I don't konw why my Fields become very big (in order of 1e20!!!). can anyone find it's reason and find my error? I don't konw how import a current source to bottom surface of my antenna. my antenna is dielectric with high negative (...)
Hi ghasem_008, - here is a free full 3d fdtd program: Maybe this helps? :-) best: Ricy are you? i need to help... anyone does have 2D fdtd (finite difference time domain) or FDFD (finite difference frequency domain) matlab code for solving mawxell equations in a dispersive medium ba ABC PML? my antenna has cylindrical configuration with medium dispersive. if you have this code,please help me. i have another question: wha
I have used a 2D fdtd matlab code from Hagness/Taflove to compute the scattered near field from a vertically orientated conducting cylinder. I have then computed an equivalent model from a commercial 3D MOM package and calculated the scattered H filed in the near field at the same location as in the fdtd model(i.e. apart (...)
can anybady help me about the fdtd NL in matlab to calcul the efficacité GSH (generation second harmonic) and the transmissin.... i need it pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me :cry:
Hello, I am studying fdtd with Sullivan's book. I have a problem on calculating bessel function expansion calculation along the main axis of a dielectric sphere in fig 4.7. I used matlab-funtions in "matlab functions for mie scattering and absorption" to get mie coefficients and calculated internal (...)