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The attached figure is a comparison of the Free Space Path Loss (FSPL) from a point source against the power loss calculated using the 2D fdtd. The m along profile is the distance along a radial through the point source (at 2m). 0 gain for transmitter and receiver. The black line is the FSPL calculation. The pale green is the magnitude (...)
Hi I am doing research on photonics crystals, using fdtd method and the Matlab code I have made it my GUI environment. Do you need to change the structure of the code is updated? In addition, the band gap and spray charts and I can not transfer power to get you please help me (...)
Hi, i am simulating using fdtd. my computational domain is 1D with a dielectric medium at the center. i have a Gaussian input that moves from left to right of the medium. i put a probe both at the left and right of the medium and saved the fields at these locations at every time step. does anyone know how to calculate the input/output (...)
I'm having problems in the calculation of power using fdtd method and the poynting vector. The Yee cell has 6 faces, so i have to calculate in each face, rigth? But how i can do that? For example, the upper face. In that face, n points to z direction, and in that face we have only Ez, Hx and Hy, so (...)
Hello Everyone. Im computing a fdtd simulator to study the radio channel characteristics using power delay profile. I use a scenario 2550px x 2550px and I need more than 2 hours to have some kind of results. Im reading about parallel computing with parallel computing toolbox and I tried some stuff...without good (...)
Hello, I'm working in fdtd+CPML and I need urgent help. Im simulating the situation of the paper that I send in attach. In the case of PEC buildings, I cant get the results of power delay profiles shown in the paper. I use a different mode than they, I use TEz mode, with the same characteristics dt and dx that (...)
Hello all. I'm working on fdtd + CPML and for now my objective is to plot the power delay profile or for other words a graph with time in order of power. Im using TEz mode. The manner that Im calculating the power in dBW is: 10log(((Ex^2+Ey^2)*lambda^2*1)/(120*pi*4*pi)) where I admite that (...)
Hi everybody. Im working with fdtd + CPML. Im simulating a typical scenario with 6 buildings (PEC structures) and in other situation (er = 3.0 e sigma = 0.005 S/m(electric conductivity). For now Im trying to plot the power Delay Profile and I think, when comparing with the original document that something's (...)
Now, I have a MZ modulator used as a electric field sensor. That means when the MZ modulator is in the EM field, the laster throug the MZ modulator will be modulated and the output power will change with the amplitude of the EM field. Therefore, I want to design the waveguide of the MZ modulator. If I want to use the fdtd method to (...)
These days I'm using frequency-dependent fdtd to study the behavior of surface plasmon polaritons. I first consider a very simple case, that is, a 2D air hole perforated in a thin metal film. The radius is about 20 percentages of periodicity. The grid size is about lambda/20 and time-step half of the grid size. Two power monitors were put (...)
Can CST or Xfdtd or any other fdtd simulator model and simulate Electromagnetic Pulses (EMP) (It has a very high power and very short period - femtoseconds- .