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Hi,, I am trying to develop a fdtd code for probe fed patch antenna.. Can anybody help me please.... if anyone have code for this..... thanks...
HI Experts Anybody has matlab codes for this book. Actually in book codes are in c language. Especially I am interested for chapter-5 patch antenna (Fd3d_patch.c) If anybody has converted this c code to matlab, can you please share with me regards
i am working on the same project by using finit difference time domain please if you have any information or matlab code for fdtd Added after 3 minutes: i have this one wich i got it from IEEE ''chracteristics of equilateral triangular patch antenna using cavity'' model and it shows (...)
hi any one have matlab fdtd code for this patch this patch is in book dennis m sullivan i have tried but i didnt get the answer..plz help me..thks
Hi, if you want get some fdtd code, u can visit my bolg or connect with me by Email:
Hi every one, I have written some fdtd code in matlab for simple antipodal patch antenna with Mur fisrt order ABC. it is simple form of bowtie that I try to simulate it, but I have some problem:cry:, gradually Ez and totall voltage are increased-more than 1. It was attached to this message, (...)
Hi all I have simulated patch antenna using fdtd. My results are correct for low value of epr(permitivity) but when I increase epr up to 10, my results aren't correct. Is there anybody that help me? Best regards
hi, I think I have a good link for you: It is a fdtd code and ist is free :-) best: ricy
Dear all, I want to use fdtd method to calculate a diagonal-slot coupled patch antenna. I wonder how to simulate the diagonal slot in a Cartesian grid fdtd code? Please help me!
Hi there, I'm looking for some ideas which could help me in implementation of fdtd-code and UMPL boundary conditions in order to analyze some patch antenna. Firstly I am looking for some e-books concernicng this topic and secondaly waiting for some hints nad tips in 3D (...)
Hello everyone, I'm looking for a 3d patch (microstrip)antenna code that actually works. The one in Sullivan's book is full of errors, has someone found them? The code by Schneider is impractical... Any suggestions/advice would be helpful Thanx
Toyfdtd is writed in c and fortran,not matlab