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I want to obtain the reflection coefficient using fft in a transmission line, the source was excited with a Gaussian pulse. Τhis is an abstract from a paper that I have as guide: "In order to obtain the reflection coefficient, the coaxial cable was excited with a Gaussian pulse of the form Vs (t) = exp(-(t − 3Ts)/Ts) Ts =1/2fmax w
How can I convert Sin(wt) to calculate its value in space or with respect to x? To solve the electric field and magnetic field simultaneously for the fdtd algorithm.
Hello People. I have a simple question. Im using fdtd simulations to calculate the power of the signal on a scenario location. Im using a soft source that is a sinusoid modulated with a gaussian pulse with a determinate frequency. I apply the source in the time domain and never do the fft after calculate the electric field and obvio
my method now is: after fdtd calculation, we can get E. H data in time domain. To get E.H distribution for arbitrary frequency in post-processing, we have to store all the E.H data in time domain followed by fft. However, if i got a big structure, say 1000,000 cells, it is not so practicable to store all the data in time domain. anyb
hi see this file, I have a 3D fdtd code for a icrostrip that i calculate the Sij, so if you need just ask me. best wishes
i wrote my fdtd for pbg of Phc,but i can't get the correct fft from ez field evolution , if i set the time step too little ,the frequency which i get by fft always be a line (w=0); i can't understand why , are there anybody to help me?
Could any one know how to obtain the modal properties of photonic crystal fiber like effective index, dispersion, .... from the fdtd method. I know that we must take first fft then what?
hello I simulate microstrip ring resonator with fdtd and matlab code, above resonator lossy material ( relative permibelity Er and conductivity segma), my problem resonant frequency (s21) don't change with change of Er and segma else in free space is change for example when 1-Er=1 and sgma=0 for free space first resonant (fr1)is 3 GHz 2-Er=3 se
Fairly easy : with oAB being the fdtd reponse at the port A to the extication coming from B. S11=fft(o11,N)./fft(i1,N); S21=fft(o21,N)./fft(i1,N); .. S34=fft(o34,N)./fft(i4,N); and so on. choose N with respect to the frequency resolution you want and the time (...)
Hi no_no you can see the last fig. in this attach. which from xfdtd

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