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Does my program flowchart of the fdtd far field calculation look correct. There is obviously much more detail in the calculation itself but does the flowchart make sense from a bird's eye view
i need help in calculating s parameters using fdtd... my antenna structure is like this
Can anyone tell me how to simulate a focused Gaussian beam in fdtd simulation. Or provide me any information to achieve it. Many thanks!
fdtd is a electromagnetic tool for analysing various structures. It is fully called a s finite domain time domain. U go on net dedicated sites are there on it where u will get abundant resources on it
Recently i was in need of some matlab fdtd codes...well i searched the net...found this interesting forum. That helped me quite a bit. If u are in need of some matlab just need to type in google : fdtd ext:m well, 4 pages of codes popped-up :D
Hi to all, Can be to somebody there is useful a list of EM-sites: Good luck!
EM Explorer (EMXP) is a 3D electromagnetic (EM) solver for planewave scattering problems. A GUI version of EMXP for Windows platform can be downloaded from the link below, free for non-commercial and educational use.
Who have fdtd program in matlab?
Looks like the product is mainly used for waveguides, mode matching is a good choice. I wonder how it combines fdtd, FEM, MoM. Does it come with all these engines built in, or just taking the s-parameters from separate simulations?

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