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I am working with fdtd. I want to simulate radiation of microstrip antennas ( Sullivan book). Can you show me the way to implement it?
Hi all Is there anybody that simulated microstrip antenna using fdtd? I used the method which described in toflov book for calculation of radiation pattern, but my results aren't correct. Best
Hi all Is there any body that has 3D-fdtd code which calculate radiation pattern of an antenna? Best Salma
can you give me your fdtd code ??
HI I try also to simulate the near field far field transformation with fdtd, for the analysis of a p.a.t.c.h microstip antenna to obtain the radiation pattern. I found many difficulties specially to understand the steps to follow to do this transformation. Could anyone help me ??
Well, conceptly it can be done by near field and far field transformation. You can see the materials form any classic fdtd books. As for E plane and H plane, you only need to define an angle of radiation pattern you want to caculate such as fai=0 and fai=90
I believe you will need a technique originally developed for antenna measurements: near-field to far-field transformation. I did google search for "near-field to far-field" and fdtd, and got about 10 pages worth of (stuff).
here paper explain radiation calculated under fdtd