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I am working with fdtd. I want to simulate radiation of microstrip antennas ( Sullivan book). Can you show me the way to implement it?
Hi all Is there anybody that simulated microstrip antenna using fdtd? I used the method which described in toflov book for calculation of radiation pattern, but my results aren't correct. Best
Hi all Is there any body that has 3D-fdtd code which calculate radiation pattern of an antenna? Best Salma
can you give me your fdtd code ??
HI I try also to simulate the near field far field transformation with fdtd, for the analysis of a p.a.t.c.h microstip antenna to obtain the radiation pattern. I found many difficulties specially to understand the steps to follow to do this transformation. Could anyone help me ??
Hi, I have developed fdtd programming to simulate E and H field, but I don't know how to simulate radiation pattern, anyone have programming based on fdtd technique to produce radiation pattern for patch antenna? Thanks a lot! welkin
Hi, Can somebody help me to estimate the far field radiation pattern of a dipole using fdtd. I have already finf the near filed using fdtd, in MATLAB. Does anybody has code that can i estimate the far field? Regards
here paper explain radiation calculated under fdtd