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With the TFSF formulation available for fdtd why are people still contemplating NTFF solutions of analytical Far Field formulations in general. I am not sure what you mean by "analytical Far Field formulations". But I often use TFSF and NTFF together. TFSF = total field scattered field => used to insert pla
Hi All in the Electromagnetic Design and Simulation community, I am comparing a number of options / software packages for a project in photonics fdtd - gathering pricings and so on. Does anyone know the price of a 1 yr software portable license for Lumerical's fdtd solutions and Mode solutions? Are they licensed (...)
Hi Guys, I am doing body-area network simuations using SEMCAD. I have took an evaluation version from the company. I have no knowledge of fdtd, what do you sugesst I will do to speed up the process? Thanks
Hi, thanks for your review on the EM simulators. By the way, do you know of any simulators that support multicore simulation by default without any add on license or upgrade? thanks. You could consider: GEMS, a fdtd tool, 3 month demo available