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Hi, When we design an antenna in CST or hfss, we define "waveport" at the feeding terminal with a "rectangular cross section". But practically we feed the antenna by SMA connector connected with a 50 ohm coax. My question is why these EM software use "waveport"? Why don't we just place a SMA connector in (...)
Dear members, I am trying to simulate a conical antenna placed on a circular ground having a cut-out for the coaxial feed. The coax contains the Outer Cylinder (PEC), the inner Teflon and the innermost feed pin cylinder (PEC). The structure can be seen below; 128776 Can someone please assist me on how to excite the
Hello neffi, Select the circular face at the tip of the coax and assign a waveport, the integration line should be from the center core to the metallic shield. For more information look in this user there's an example about probe feed antenna
Hi ! i'm kinda new to hfss and wanted to know how to horizontally feed a microstrip patch antenna with a coax cable . i have seen the other threads using a coax too feed the ground plane but i have problem feeding it through a microstrip feedline . what percussion should i (...)
How to create coax probe feed to a 18 guage folded copper wire and how to excite it?( in hfss)
I am modeling a microstrip patch antenna using driven terminal solution and coax with waveport feed in hfss. Can I know in hfss which TEmn, TMmn, TEM modes are excited? Where can I see this info in hfss? Also, when do I use the driven modal or the eigenmode solutions? Or what information do they give that (...)
A horn antenna is an extension of a rectangular waveguide. To feed the waveguide from a coaxial line you need a transition. Any good connector can be used, SMAs are good om DC to ~18 GHz. \Designing a waveguide-to-coaxial transition is a complex task. This is why empirical designs are used, and a careful adjustment is needed. All that (...)
Hi all, I am confused on how to feed a monopole antenna with a stripline feed in hfss. Should the stripline be within the substrate and be connected to the antenna with a coax cable or aperture coupled. Only the feed part has the partial ground. Thanks a lot for advice.
Hi bruteece, What do you mean by "flush the ground plane with a feed line in hfss"? As for materials, I try to use whatever material I'm going to make the physical object out of - usually copper.
hai im designing circular patch with coaxial feed........i have the following error as the probe and inner conductor of the coax are to correct it?
i have to design circular patch with coax feed in hfss but i m not getting any dip in s11....i m new at hfss so anyone can upload sample of circular patch all be very helpful.....thanxs a lot
Hi. I want to help you but you should tell me more information about your design. such as: -what kind of feed do you use? - what kind of antenna,you implement in hfss? and for what's application?
Hi. I has designed a microstrip patch antenna array in hfss.It's feed is an coaxial SMA.But in simulation the wave is not going throw the array.The inner in coax is tangent with the array and it's shield is tangent with the ground plate
i'm new with hfss ,..and i have a planar antenna very easy in fact,... But i have problems with coax feed Since the Ground is on top of substrate Little Help plz 89419
english language is not well. i have an ask: how i can feed a array 2*2 dipole in hfss with coax cable? direct? balun? ,... which one is better? please help me simple and slowly. please say that how i simulate it? get a picture from it's simulate. other ask: how i connect a coax cable to dipole? please send to me it's (...)
I am simulating a patch antenna in hfss with a probe feed. The probe is excited by waveport on a coax similar to the hfss example. My coax height is just 2mm and radius is 1.6mm. coax pin is 1mm radius. My bandwidth frequencies are 2-2.8 GHz. I am using the Driven Terminal solution. I am not (...)
hi, dear friend. i want to simulate microstrip antenna in hfss with coax cable as a feed, but i dont know how to design the feed(for example inner and outer radious of cable) in order to have impedance matching. can anyone help me? is there any formula? thanks.
Hi All, I'm working on ungrounded CPW structure. I've been through all previous post about CPW , how to feed it and Ansoft tutorials,and I designed a cpw antenna with SMA. From Antenna_kit released by ansoft I realized that the length of the coax should be Lambda/6. So I simulated my CPW with 4 different feeding, 1.SMA with Lambda/6 length, (...)
hi.i implement this paper. feed antenna with coax and u excite with Lumped port. Good Luck.
hi... how to design coaxial feed for antenna patch in momentum/ads... I think that put the port in the right place on the antenna patch is sufficient