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I'm using the lm3524 and I want to know if it necessary to compensate, and witch is the better way to compensate the feedback control. I read about single-pole, zero-pole pair and two-pole-two-zero compensation. But the advantages of these techniques are not clear for me. Although, is it possible implement a PID compensation? Any (...)
for designing log amp, use a diode or transistor as a diode in it's will work as log amp. i.e we utilizing exponential relation that exists between diode output current and input voltage. i hope i helped u somewhat
It is tradeof between stability and gain. To avoid oscilations in feedback amplifier, phase must be less that 180 at unity gain frequency. You can make frequency compensation with less phase margin, to obtain bigger gain at lower frequency, but you risk to make oscilator, not amplifier.
Common-Mode feedback tutorial
Would any people like to introduce me some good book or material,which describe the detail of DC offset compensation feedback of multistage-amplifier? I am currently working on high-speed limiting amplifier, however still not clear about the usage of the DC feed-back. Personally, I think it make the circuit operating point insensible to pr
You can get the answer from the feedback chapter in the circuit design books.
Hi! Any one have any articles, journal or ebook regarding current mode method for current mirror? If u have something regarding active feedback/ adaptive method on current mirror is warmly welcome too. Thx :o
Change the comparitor for an opamp and decouple the feedback loop. Make sure the opamp is being biased correctly. Make sure that there is always a load on the output ( use a resistor 4.7kohms). Barrybear
Put it on chip or not depends the lower cut-off frequency of the amplifier. It is clear that it will not pass DC and some low frequency components since the feedback circuit is trying to balance DC components. Some large capacitance is needed.