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Hi,everyone! I have built a 3rd order feedforward delta sigma modulator in spectre, the fully differential opamp, comparator, d_ff are all implemented by veriloga model, while the switch are CMOS transmission gate. My question is the SNR calculated from the spectre output is only 33dB, while in Simulink the SNDR is 103dB, i don't know how to sol
Do you mean Modified CIFF-IF (Cascade of Integrators with Weighted feedforward Summation and Input feedforward) ?
Hi, i design a fourth order delta sigma modulator in a feedforward CRFF structure. Now i have finished the schematic implementation and tried to compare my results to my simulink model. my problem is shown in the attached file. There are unwanted tones in the spectrum at fsig*2 and fsig*3 - how can i remove these tone? Should i use ditherin
The following new structures are supported in "realizeNTF()" and "realizeQNTF()" of newest Delta sigma Toolbox(Version 7.3, July 3, 2009) of MATLAB which was developed by Richard Schreier. (1) PFB ; Parallel feedback (2) PFF ; Parallel feedforward (3) Stratos ; A CIFF-like structure with non-delaying resonator feedbacks,contributed in
well the 2 -2 -2 means a mash structure with 3 ( there are three 2's) second order loop( each 2) filter in series. Look into mash sigma delta converters. As for the modified it should mean like a mixed feedforward- feedback structure( only possible with 3rd order or more) or an all feedforward structure. I would say a standard structure (...)
The transfer function is changed when adding a feedforward path. Where did you find this architecture?
Hi Question for sigma delta modulator architecture ?? what is different feedforward and feedback?? what is merit and demerit each all thanks in advance
I was wondering if anybody can introduce me a document comparing the feedback and feedforward structures of delta sigma modulators? I have read the following two books (Delta-sigma Data Converters by Norsworthy et al and Understanding Delta-sigma Data Converters by Schreier and Temes) regarding this topic and couldn’t (...)
I have studied the sigma-delta ADC theory, decide to use single loop architecture. What is the modulator advantage and disadvantage between feedback and feedforward single loop architecture? Thanks for your reply!
How can I choice the coefficient(c1 , c2) in the attachment
Hi,everyone The topology which I used is shown in figure,but the coefficients of feedforward is not integral when the modulator is stable. I am confused about how to implement the coefficients of feedforward in the sigma delta modulator in schematic circuit. If a1=0.03245 Just as show in the fig,how to implement it in circuit? I haven't (...)
There is a specific difference: 1. Delta-sigma Modulator Here the first order integrator is in the feedback path. The difference between the actual signal and the integrator output is compared and quantized. 2. sigma-Delta Modulator Here the first order integrator is in the feedforward path after the substraction from the quantized (...)