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No PID algo was used in the document recommended by feiutm9898. However, in my opinion, we do not need PID controller for line follower... ON-OFF control or Bang-Bang control will do...
Actually I more interest with build the project with 16 bit microcontroller .... How about this? Forgot send normal video, with normal FPS (25 - 30 frames per second), with 16 bit microcontroller, without any other hardware acceleration chips ... For 16 bit microcontrollers you can get maximum 1 - 5 FPS.
Hi feiutm9898 see attachment also look at.
feiutm9898, Here are not too many things to say. Super-regenerative receiver was invented 50 years ago, and the transmitter is a simple modulated oscillator. A very close schematic (using a crystal on the TX path) was published while ago in Elektor. This is the link: regards
feiutm9898: Do you mean that you want to design some circuit by using PIC and some memory to emulate standalone EEPROM ?
Can show me some useful link with the project above? Main problem is CPU that working as fast slave mode I2C ( with hardware I2C controller, or with fast Risc CPU as Ubicom (Scenix)).
Hi feiutm9898, you need to know what the capacitor is suppose to do, what service do you want it to preform ?? then you will know how to find a replacement. how is this 2kv cap used in the circuit ?? what type of circuit is it ??
I did't found source code for NTP. Can someone guide me????? Thanks........
hi feiutm9898 check

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