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Can anyone suggest me the ways to use parameters of characteristic modes of an antenna design using feko and implement it in a matlab code for characteristic mode of an antenna?To be more precise suggest me ways to link feko and MATLAB?
i also want to export and run file in feko kindly help. Missing tabs of feko and cst in export mode of magus. It says no models available to export122383
I need to design an Archimedean spiral antenna in feko and does not know How to do that. Later I also would like to extend Spiral arm to meet another spiral arm. Can Please somebody help me with it, how can i create spiral in feko? Thanks In Advance.
Hi, I'm trying to design a quadrifilar helix antenna in feko 7.0 for use in the 2.4GHz band. The antenna is shown below. The response, specifically the impedance reflection varies quite considerably with different mesh settings. Shown below are the plots for fine and standard meshs. Using a custom mesh with the wire (...)
i need to design a Coaxial impedance transformation which as a part of a complex antenna ,but i am not sure about the feed in feko. i use the waveports,then meshed it has wrong in the port.could anybody can give me some suggestion.plz
bandwidth improvement of antenna:-i want design micro strip patch antenna for 900MHz on feko software. i get exact resonant frequency but i not get proper bandwidth so how i improve the bandwidth.
Hi,Everyone Can anyone help me to design micro strip spiral antenna in feko?? I am not able to set radius of wire and feeding ?? Thank you!
i am doing my project in antenna design using feko software. I had already been through the official feko site regarding this matter. The video tutorial seems to rush through the part where the conformal antenna is made, giving a pretty unclear idea.I projected my patch antenna onto a (...)
There is a how-to page on feko's website on how to create a CPW feed in feko.
I need datas or procedure related to wifi antenna design using feko software
i am trying to design a metal plate antenna with coax feed like this 85760 source : Can anyone tell what s/w these people have used? Currently i am working on feko 6. I used A4 card for coax feed but got an error sayin
Dear Friends I have simulated above antenna using CAD feko & CST at some other institute but still results are far from mention in IEEE paper. Now what should I do. Actually i am designing smart antenna for UWB communication & MIMO system. I am working on both side front end (RF design) as well as (...)
I am doing my MSc project on "design base station antenna using microstrip rectangular array either series or corporate feed operating on 3.5 GHz for Wimax operation on ADS or feko". Can anyone on help me, I will be very thankful to him.
I totally agree with BigBoss. In addition, sometimes the software that works better is the one whose simulated results are closer to the measured data. However, current softwares are really efficient, and most times disagreements are only due to the fabrication tolerances, or on the source definition. However, nowadays designs are simulated with a
Hi, I'm doing a project microstrip antenna using the simulator feko, and I would like to find a model of SMA PCB valid and consistent for simulations that can be used, is there anyone who can help me in finding the actual CAD values ​​of loss tangent and conductivity of the conductor to be used? Thank
I'm designing slot antenna using feko...I need to know design formula for making slot...If anybody know, help me....
i simulated a horn antenna in feko at x band ferequency. i know the feed should be placed at Lg/4 from end of rectangular waveguide and the prob should be L0/4 length. but i dont know what should be the whole length of the rectangular waveguide for achieving minimum VSWR. who can guide me PLZ?
We can simulate antenna results using Matlab but not create a model. You might some antenna design software like HFSS, feko, Empire 3D, or CST
hi sezgyno i have different idea about HFSS i skilled in HFSS but i amateur in cst and novice in feko and i design bowtie in hfss but we have to many model of bowtie if u ask question in edaboard pls give full data about question and i emphasis that the HFSS the best software for antenna's simulation which base on resonance like microstrip (...)
Hey everyone, Please, I would like to design a simple slot antenna with feko. My specification: A thin rectangular slot of half wavelength is to be cut on a finite conductivity, finite size ground plane. The slot antenna is to be fed by a microstrip line on a substrate. Can anyone upload a feko (...)