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Hey Guys, I want to know that can we use Edge Port in Planar Structures having infinite ground Plane in CAD feko? Regards Sunny
How to make coaxial probe for horn antenna in feko. In feko example of horn with line feed i changed parameters and have achieved my desired results now i want to place probe like in hfss Microstrip patch antenna but i have no infinite ground in case of horn. Kindly mention steps and tell me how to know what will be inner and outer diameter (...)
Hi all.. I have a problem in solving structures in feko. I have a planar microstrip structure, with a dielectric and a ground plane. Can I know the method to give the feed from any point on the conductor to the ground, through the dielectric? When I draw a wire from conductor to ground plane through the dielectric, and (...)
Hi all I want to use Infinite ground in feko , multilayer ground , but the problem is the specification of the dielectric that i want to use . if i use 2 layer for the ground , please help me to fill the specification of the dielectrics as : 1-Relative permittivity 2-Dielectric loss tangent or conductivity (...)
Hello EveryBody I'm trying to simulate a ground under a car with his tyres in feko and i alway have this error: ERROR 1805: Multilayer substrate and dielectric bodies together are not allowed. Please help me.
Hello everyone, I have a planar antenna (curtain quad) that I'm simulating in feko, similar to this but etched: Figure 11 CQ13r 13 Element Curtain Quad with screen reflector . The antenna is created from strips of metal on a thin substrate (no ground plane). The thin substrate
Hey everyone, Please, I would like to design a simple slot antenna with feko. My specification: A thin rectangular slot of half wavelength is to be cut on a finite conductivity, finite size ground plane. The slot antenna is to be fed by a microstrip line on a substrate. Can anyone upload a feko file which does this? Thank you.
Need help and advise on how to create a monopole antenna. Need to use the monopole to create 3-arm spiral waveform which starts from the top end of the monopole to the perfectly conducting ground and form a hemi-sphere. Thanks for helping.
i am simulating patch antenna in feko i have all design details i want to know how to design a ground plane
Hi all, Im new at the feko`s world and Im building a fractal antenna, to do that I used a cilinder as the port conector and I set the lateral surface as a port. Also I set a infinite ground plane. When I run feko I received the following message: WARNING 498: Observation point is not allowed to be in/below ground plane (...)
Hi everyone, I want to model radiation pattern of a dipole antenna above a finite ground plane with Method of Moments (without Software like IE3D or feko), but i don't know how. my main problem is in finding Integral Equation of problem. can anyone help me??? Thanks,
Hello! I am doing a science fair project and I want to modelize a base station antenna that the radiations would be less concentrated at ground level. I am using feko (licence with no limitation of meshes), and because I am a beginner, I would need your help. I am looking for a model file of a rectangular microstrip patch antenna array with corp
Hi, see: Rgdz, E7K
I am just learning how to use feko, and I am simulating a monopole on ground plane antenna. Unlike the examples given in the help and getting started manual, I am making my monopole with the cylinder function, rather than using a line or wire. Hence, i have faces rather than points. I used edge port for the excitation, and now when I run the sim
They are using a 50 to 200 Ohm balun. So in feko, maybe try a 200 Ohm characteristic impedance for the S-parameter calculation.
hello everyone.. im modeling a rectangular patch antenna with a uslot on an infinite ground plane in feko.... however i noticed that the results were different from IE3D for the same geometry. I want to use a coaxial feed but ended up using a wire port in feko.Can anyone tell me if that is the reason im getting the difference in VSWR?i (...)
Does anyone experience coaxial cable feeding design in feko? Let's say if I wanna design a coaxial cable undernearth the infinite ground plane and use the inner conductor for antena excitation! It is quite easy in MWS, but in feko...:cry: Please share me any example or any advice! Thanks in advance!
Does anyone have any models of a cpw? I am not sure how to excite the center conductor or ground planes on the side? Using the feko software. The waveguide is fed through the center conductor and ground planes lie on both sides with a substrate under the ground plane and center conductor. :|
Hi everybody! I have to design a microstrip-fed monopole antenna with feko. It consists of a rectangular _patch and a partial ground plane in the back surface of the substrate. My problem is: what means "microstrip-fed" in feko? What kind of excitation I have to use? I hope to have been clear... thanks
both the substrate and ground should be infinite. so which card should be used? anybody knows it? thanks