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with great pleasure , i am writing this email in order to ask how to simulate via feko OR hfss the Microwave wirless power transfer First i am phd student whose my subject is improvement of efficiency of microwave wireless power transfer by using smart antenna, and i am really motivated to simulate with feko or hfss my (...)
How to make coaxial probe for horn antenna in feko. In feko example of horn with line feed i changed parameters and have achieved my desired results now i want to place probe like in hfss Microstrip patch antenna but i have no infinite ground in case of horn. Kindly mention steps and tell me how to know what will be inner and outer diameter (...)
Hi, all I want to simulate chip resistor in feko, or hfss between two parts in a wilkinson power divider, then I found loads between ports in feko but the problem is that part (which I want to apply chip resistor to it) is not port and I can't add port in middle of model. How do I do that? thank
hi there, first post here so hello. I recently started using cst. I'd like to know if and how (i believe it is possible since it is possible on software such as hfss & feko) to import antenna parameters from matlab to cst automatically. I have a matlab file which produces parameters for antenna arrays such as dipole distances, lengths etc. an
What is the best simulator for simulation of resonant coils, comsol, hfss, cst, feko or other ?
I have used CST Microwave Studio. You can also use feko and hfss but, personally, I don't have an idea about the latter two as I have not used them.
Hello, I'm new to hfss and need help feeding a dipole which is formed by two square panels arranged in a bow-tie fashion /\_ _/\ \/ \/ Do I use one port or two ports? I do not wish to simulate the balun, just drive them balanced from the ports. In feko, one draws a wire to connect the two panels and places the port along the wires. I
This is a classic problem that all classic antenna text books (Balanis, Volakis, Stutzman , Kraus ...) cover, as well as most of the software such as hfss, CST, feko, WIPLD, IE3D ....
feko says it provides multiple computation methods such as FEM, MOM. Having both these methods seems like a very powerful tool. hfss uses FEM. Does feko have the same capabilities as hfss? I'm looking for something like hfss provides but at a lower cost. I recently saw the price of (...)
hi i've simulated a PIFA antenna using hfss and CAD feko. after that i installed a radome on antenna. after that i observed that maximum gain is increased!!!!in both software. what do you think? what may be wrong? i'm sure theorically gain should decrease !!!
Dear Friends I have simulated above antenna using CAD feko & CST at some other institute but still results are far from mention in IEEE paper. Now what should I do. Actually i am designing smart antenna for UWB communication & MIMO system. I am working on both side front end (RF design) as well as processor side My approach is adaptive beamform
Dear Friends! How can i create surface from a closed polyline or a closed curve? As we use Cover lines in hfss to create surface from a closed polyline(path)? what is the tool in feko as in hfss we have coverlines? Please help me tried a lot from feko usermanual and feko examples but could not found.
hi refrences about dra : softwares: EMSS feko , ansoft hfss , cst best regards
i need the following simulation axially symmetric SRR and omega SRR and S ring simulated by cst or hfss or comsol or any other useful software.thanks thats urgent help if u can.
I'm a young pos-doc working in antenna design now, but have an broad range of interests in RF, so I'm not necessarily going to stay in this field all my working life. I need to do a job at work, and from what I gather, ADS, feko, CST and hfss could all be used. The university has licenses for them all, and nobody really cares what one I use. He
CST MWS is not suitable for large structure. It is based on Finite integration Technique and uses volume discretization. I think, you should use ADS Momentum of feko Software. They are based on the Moment Method. Also, if you are familiar with Ansoft hfss, so you can use Floque boundary condition to overcome this probl
Can anyone Recomend me the best Simulator for Electromagnetic Wave ? 1.Ansoft hfss Microwave Studio Post added at 14:12 ---------- Previou
I have never used mician ?Wave Wizard, does it have a simple learning curve if you already know programs like MWO, hfss, feko? I have not used it myself, but from what I have seen, it's really easy to use. They also interface to MWO, if you want to use waveguide components inside MWO. For this waveguide stuff,
Such sources are usualy named 'Radiation Pattern Source' or 'Far Field Source'. These are available in EMCoS EMC Studio, feko or CST, I am not sure about hfss. In each tool you can find in documentation format description. Check out this thread with examples:
We can simulate antenna results using Matlab but not create a model. You might some antenna design software like hfss, feko, Empire 3D, or CST