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With feko Lite you're stuck with the 500 triangles. To do a reflector antenna you'll need the full version, or you can try GRASP. There's a student edition that's free. I personally haven't used it so I won't be able to be any help, but a colleague of mine speaks highly
Hi I want simulation the cassegrain reflector antenna with feko. when i run ke simulation i have this problem,ERROR 36728: Internal feko error. Please notify the feko support team and provide the error number, preferably together with the feko input and output files. please help me how can i solve it?
Have you any experience with feko simulation Method for cassegrain antenna? I have some problem about analyze.would you do me favor help me in the situation? I hope to hear from you as soon as possible for any guide. Best hopes.
To replace a Parabolic reflector Antenna (at around 14 GHz) with its equivalent Pattern. The pattern shape is given (peak gain, SLL etc.). I have to create the exact pattern manually from scratch. Since the Gain pattern information is available, it is easy, i suppose, to create the pattern instead of designing an antenna that gives me the exact s
Hi anyone. I'm trying to simulate a parabolic reflector antenna with horn feed in feko.I want to solve this problem with MLFMM method.but when I run, this error appears: FMM and PO are not allowed in the same model! Help!
Heh... *surely* with this revised subject line you'll shake some feko experts out of the woodwork to help! :) With my (marginal) background of RCS and my (non-existent) experience with feko, the first thought that springs to mind is that the diffraction effects you're seeing are entirely explicable if you're illuminating the reflector with (...)
Hello! My task is to simulate trihedral corner reflector using feko, to build backscattered field and to calculate RCS of that one. But I am not experienced user, so I have started with simulation of one metal plane. As a source I have chosen a plane wave. I have made this model in both CADfeko and EDITfeko, BUT(!) when I (...)
Hi, I just want to know if any one tried to model and solve dual reflector antenna like cassegrain in feko before. I wonder if he/she can help. Looking forward for your replies..
In short, i modeled it in feko environment as three parts feed, sub reflector and main reflector. To run it, i feed the sub reflector with the near field of the feed and the same thing for the main but by the near field of the sub. Is this right or is there any other way to model and run the cassegrain in (...)
hi every body i want to desine parabolic reflector antenna and it's feeder and simulate it by feko. i have a little time.could you help me please?:???:
Hello everyone, I have a planar antenna (curtain quad) that I'm simulating in feko, similar to this but etched: Figure 11 CQ13r 13 Element Curtain Quad with screen reflector . The antenna is created from strips of metal on a thin substrate (no ground plane). The thin substrate
hi i want to know how i can simulation a parabolic reflectors antenna in HFSS or feko ?
You could also try feko
How about feko and HFSS? can they be used for those purpose? thanks
before feko, choose hyperboliod by simple geometric analitic concepts. The hyperboloid has 2 foci. One of them is coincident with the paraboloid, the 2nd may be choosed on a convenient Cassegrain region. Then by a simple ray tracing, find diameter of sub reflector. Remeber: choose a convenient position of horn, as horn is far from subref as th
I think You can't simulate the large reflector antenna in EDA's like HFSS or MWS. FDTD and MoM needs too many memory and time to simulate so large structures. I work on large reflector antennas several years and I don't know any good EDA tool for this problem. As I remember, feko can simulate such antennas in GTD approximation, but this (...)
I am using feko to simulate an antenna .I want to put half of the parabolic reflector above a ground plane (60*30cm),but it seems that it is impossible to be accomplished in the feko editor .Because the half parabolic reflector and the ground plane can't have the common triangle edge in the feko editor.I (...)
Does anyone know, how to define the radiation pattern of an antenna as impressed source to feed a reflector. In user manuel of feko (section 9.2.15 AR Card) there is a small example. but it doesn't work?! thanks for infos and tips.