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Label your dimensions per this drawing. Just to make sure this is a ferrite core and not a iron core?
I Assume your using a ferrite core for this transformer? Why not just use a few smaller diameter pieces of Enameled Magnet wire, twisted together to make your own Litz wire?
i have deployed irf540 x2 with a ferrite ee core ee core is 30mm x 6mm i hand wound the eecore with primary 12turn ct 12turn sec 180turns ...took idea from here i just made the stepup ckt error in ckt i correct
is this possible to use one ferrite core transformer in smps ups for both battery charging and inverter ??? This ferrite core will charge battery at main and also will use in inverter to generate approx 280v dc at 50khz frequency if main is not available ?????
for example my load is 300watt etd39 oscillation frequency 50khz what should be the wire size ??? this is my transformer from tahmid blog
Hello All, I am building a Pure sinewave inverter.Now, when I connect my dc-dc converter to the drains of my full bridge inverter (SPWM section) my ferrite core tranformer begins to make a sound and then after a little while I see smoke coming from it. What could be the problem? I was wondering if it could be the LC (...)
I have designed an inverter based on smps. In the ferrite core transformer there is an auxilary winding to provide 14VDC regulated after rectification. I want to power up all the ICs from that 14VDC . Till now i am using battery to power up the ICs but the problem is battery voltage is not constant varies from 10V to 13.5V how to toggle fro
Dear members, I have designed full bridge rectifier for pure sine wave inverter using microcontroller and IR2110. I have given 12 V to ir2110 . in start i give 12 V DC to drain of mosfet , worked well with good sine wave , then i have increased voltage to 30 V and then to 60 V , everything fine ( good output sine wave ). Then i have tried to give
I need to know some SMPS tx ferrite core model from Farnell UK/ Rs Online UK. I wanna use them for building 200W-700W DC power supply and 500W-4000W sine wave inverter. pls suggest me appropriate part no...
Hi..... all..... I Need Datasheet for old (CRT TV) TDK ferrite Transformer(EC40) ...... I want to remove copper wire and useing for a CDI BY UC3845 system;-) (
This would typically be a small ferrite core transformer. The numbers 4:50 are to indicate the primary to secondary ratio. In other words, for every 4 turns on the primary you would have 50 on the secondary but the article doesn't mention exactly how many turns that would actually be. It's just a guess but 4 turns sounds too low so try at least
You can't even decide, which cabinet to use considering the requirements and components in use until you describe details and layout. Similarly is the case for transformer. Is it iron core or ferrite core? What is the operating voltage? A single winding or for push pull, half bridge or full bridge drive? Want to make your own or use a ready (...)
Dear Experts I want to design a pic micrcontroller based switch mode(ferrite core Transformer) Based 12 Volt DC to 220 Volt Ac 50 Hz inverter. today i have downloaded a circuit from this forum but i dont understand. can any one help me to understand the circuit as well as required Microncontroller Code and also ferrite (...)
Hi Friends, I need some help for winding a transformer. I have a 12VDC to 220VAC inverter, in which EI40 ferrite core Transformer is used with following specifications, Pri turns #4-0-4 (center tape) Sec turns #72 Input volt #12V Output Volt #300V Switch Frequency #50khz Output current #4amp Now if I use EI42 core (...)
Can any one help in making 100+ watt inverter, 12v to 220v AC50 Hz,Using ferrite core transformer to run thr inverter at say 40Khz to 100 Khz,using a microcontroller in the high frequency section & then from Dc high voltage to 50Hz using another microcontroller or conventional components.Please post circuit diagrame etc. KKM
Hi to All, I am trying to build an inverter 2kw running with toroidal transformer could any one help me to winding this transformer, also the power transistor should I used in this project. Note: the core for transformer is ferrite. Many Thanks
hi, i tried a ckt to make light weight ferrite core base hf 50 hz invertor.first i converted 12 v dc to 350 v dc with a center tapped ferrite smps transformer with push pull tolology and hf switching.after that i converted this 350 v dc to a square wave 50 hz op with H bridge.But even after using currentt limit circuit to the outputs the (...)
I need help on pulse width modulation scheme that is used in converter. How it is implemented in inverter circuit and DC to DC converter circuit. Hello, PWM ( Pulse Width Modulation )... much like a CHOPPED square wave.. either single-ended or push-pull... uses transistors/MOSfets ....driving a ferrite core transform
Please, I need suppliers/manufacturers and/or catalog for ferite core transformer. I shall be in regular need of this component for fluorescent inverter for small production unit/business. Thanks a lot.
Please, I need suppliers/manufacturers and/or catalog for ferite core transformer. I shall be in regular need of this component for fluorescent inverter for small production unit/business. Thanks a lot.

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