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Carrier frequency of the shown power line remote control is 100 kHz rather than 315 MHz. But the coupler could be basically designed similarly. You preferably operate the transformer in resonance. Air core or open ferrite core with a very few windings. I presume you know basic LC resonator formulas (or can review it on the internet). 315 MHz is
Wideband Directional couplers are realized with ferrite cores with copper wires at those frequencies. For more information, search internet.
May have some coil calculators but I think you need to use ferrite to concentrate the EM field for coupling and want to use tapped coils in auto transformer to stepup coupler to stepdown to improve impedance matching for free space coupling. Consider 1 turn as primary on sender and 1 turn secondary
At those frequencies hybrid couplers can also be realized by using ferrite tranformers as usual..
I need to construct a 100~200Mhz 3dB 90 Hybrid using a ferrite core transformer,can u tell the detail?THANKS!
> Dear Experts, > can anybody give some reference on FM freq coupler design with very large power capacity? > for example, coupling coef is about 40dB,and power handling is more than 10Kw? > I guess it should use some ferrite transformer tech. what is the typical form of heatsink > for such high freq?Thanks if any response. > > be
hi dear for coupling your circuit to the line you can use simple coupler that you can make it by hand wound on a ferrite-torroid.also you can see the line driver of ICst7536 and with a little diffrence use it for your circuit
It is quite common to make directional couplers for the TV band freqs (100 - 800 MHz), with a 2 hole ferrite. There are a lot of literature about it. The only real drawback is the limited (max 20 dB) isolation. g579