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Hello there, Is there a way to import the results written on a .vcd file (e.g a sequence of values for a specific signal ) into SciLab for further processing ( like fft )? Thank you
Hello, Doing fft exercises in matlab I've discovered that for some frequencies (defined by k) the fft of quantized SIN wave alternates '0'. For k I used primary numbers. With k = 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37 it's Ok With K = 3, 5, 7, 41, 53, 67, 101, 127 fft alternates '0'. Any ideas ? Thanks in advance. (...)
Hello guys I have some ECG data that you can see in the figure, i am using this simple code to plot the magnitude spectrum in matlab using fft function, but i am not able to understand the plot, Where in this plot is my required ECG signal? sampling frequency in 125Hz. This is an ECG signal and the heart beat should be between 1Hz to 1.7 Hz.
I am taking DSP and the instructor explains theory but has not shown a single example all semester. One problem on the current homework assignment is to plot the frequency response of a windowed sinc filter using a Blackman window. The sample rate is 10 Khz and cutoff frequency is .195. He has given us M= 800. We are suposed to use the fft instead
I am providing a voice signal to the cepstrum algorithm in xilinx system generator. Input is reaching fft7.1 properly but it is not generating any output. What I am having on scope is just 'x' undefined output. I also took help from the following link for fft7.1 He
Hi all, I am now designing a 14bit SAR ADC, at present, I have designed a prototype with ideal comp and sh. I run transient analysis with stop time 1s (10kS/s sampling rate), around 10000 samples, then I perform fft analysis in matlab with window functions like hanning. However, large spectrum leakage appears and results vary with different wi
hello everyone, i'm using a 256 fft core in matlab system generator, i have a bandpass signals from 750mhz to 1250mhz, im sampling at a rate of 1000mhz, for 750mhz im getting a 750mhz(single peak at 192 index value), for a 1000mhz im getting 0mhz, for 1110 im getting 110mhz, 1250 mhz i'm getting 250mhz, can anybody explain how pls??
how to implement 8 point dit fft using radix 2? I have some points how to implement it on matlab simulink with/with out system generator.
1)does anyone know what are the 'x' and 'y' values going into cordic atan from fft simulink in system generator?? 2)can we represent magnitude and index with respect to each other at a time??, generally magnitude has a seperate signal and index has a seperate signal!!! 3) how can we verify an 8 point fft ??? where should i give the input val
im a beginner in dsp, what are real and imaginary parts in fft 8.0 , real part refers to asin(2pift+phaseshift) and imag part refers to ae(2pift+phaseshift) is this correct???
hi sir, whether i can do subband coding using any other transforms except fft ........... example can i use mdct for subband coding... please give me an idea sir...........
hello everyone, how to connect adc block in the matlab simulink ??? , i want to connect sine wave genrator to adc and then fft and scope, im a beginner at matlab simulink , kindly help me, btw connecting sine wave generator to adc is not happening ,how to do that??? - - - Updated - - - the thing is im using
Hi, I have a code cdma and i want to do an fft before the spreading and after to see the difference but i dont how to do it. Can you help me please. Thanks
Need C source code for Radix-22 fft decimation-in-frequency algorithm. Need matlab code for Radix-2 fft decimation-in-frequency algorithm.
Hey everyone Can you please help me out with these questions 1- What are the differences and similarities between the results of application fft.m, spectrogram.m and pwelch.m to the same data. 2- What spectral analysis tool you found most useful for the analysed signals and what was not good with the other methods. Thank you so much
Hi All, This is my first ADC and verifying it is proving to be more difficult then actually designing the subblock. I have been able to do a transient simulation in cadence (spectre) and have successfully imported the data into matlab. This is where I'm encountering most of my headache. 1) I'm new at matlab 2)All of the fft (...)
What kind of analysis used? An fft (Fast Fourier Transformation) analysis. With the tabular outputs of such an analysis you can generate such curves using the wavetool, or by exporting the fft result values to an appropriate presentation tool like Excel, matlab ...
Hello In my OFDM system, I need to apply a Hamming and Blackman window in frequency domain. My simulation is on matlab. I've done a fft of this window and did its convolution with my data in freq domain, but I'm not getting the desired results. :-( Can anyone help me to do this the correct way ? Thank you.
Hi Does twiddle factor for radix2 ,radix4 and split adix etc are different ?? How that affects the output of fft?? I mean if twiddle factors are same the the output of These three different fft is same or different??
Hi how to calculate the fft of image of stripes in matlab ??