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Hello, Am doing a project on "LOW COST MIMO ENABLED RADIO OVER fiber SYSTEM FOR MULTISERVICE DAS USING DOUBLE SIDEBAND FREQUENCY TRANSLATION" Kindly help me in generating LTE MIMO signals for transmission across the optical fiber. Here am using OPTISYSTEM 7 software and trying to generate MIMO signals using MATLAB. Please help..
hi ! I need a 2D FDTD code for a photonic crystal fiber, can anybody help please
I want to equalize 2x2 MIMO system, the system uses two optical fiber as a communication channel, the fiber length divided into segments and at the end of each segment coupling between two fibers occurs that needed to be equalized using LMS algorithm I use this code and want to check is it the correct 2x2 LMS equalizer or (...)
Hi i need a matlab code to plot "attachment" that figures "normalized propagation constants" in fiber vs v111231
Hello I am in need of Matlab Program for plotting b versus V parameter for step index multimode fibers The relation between this two parameters involves bessel functions of first and second kind and hence the plotting needs inverse bessel function or else we have to solve a transcendental equation which is quite tedious Kindly help me
hi gys im doin a project on "losses in bragg fiber" and i need a simple matlab source code for "multilayer division method" so that can b useful for my project.... pls if any1 cud help me out, wud b really gr8.... here is a link of the project or mail to shiva2012cm
Hi everyone I'm doing my PhD on liquid crystal photonic crystal fiber ,pls can u help me in matlab code or hint about the rib waveguide or how can i add the substrate depth (h) to the program !
Hi everybody.. I'm working on pcf simulation with FDTD method. I need matlab code for simulation it in 2D. Please help me..
I have done a few designs on FPGAs in Verilog, but need to now write some HDL for a CPLD. The CPLD happens to be on a fiber Optic board I want to use for some development work so this is why I am using it. Anything I should keep in mind writing HDL for a CPLD vs FPGA? This will be some pretty basic code. Should it synthesize roughly the same?
any one with a matlab code for solving the eigenvalue equation for a single mode step index fiber,and also a matlab code for solving the general equation for a finite difference method thank you
I am actually working on using OCDMA multiplexing in fiber Optic Sensor: Can anybody recommend which sensor head can be achieved with code division Multiplex. Can it be done with FBG, Microbend, or Fabryo Perort Interferometer??
I am Mohammed Janneh working on Nonlinear Optical fiber. I need an assistant on how to solve the coupled nonlinear schrodinger equation using fast Fourier trnasform method. below is the code I have be trying but I still can figure out the solution. note the fiber losses, birefringence coefficient and higher order term are neglected. (...)
hi guys im doing my final project about fiber bragg grating filters. N i need a matlab source code about fiber bragg grating filters.. Did any1 could help me ? thanks so much guys (please send to
hi everybody I'm working on pcf simulation . I need matlab code for simulation it . please help me
Hi guys, this is my first work in optical and first simulation in matlab. I am sorry if there is mistake and im really new to this. Here is what I did, im simulation an entire Radio Over fiber system with Matlab, linear system. Let me insert my code first, %*****************************Defining constant parameter**************** %Rb
hi ppl im doin a project on fiber bragg grating, and i need a simple matlab source code or program code for fiber bragg grating.... pls if any1 cud help me out, wud b really gr8.... thnx (can mail thm 2 me at ) thnx again !!!
Hi friends, I really need a Matlab code urgently. The problem is actually transmiting a pulse through an optical channel having a transfer function which is related to chromatic dispersion. I just need a code for inputting a pulse through a fiber channel with some transfer function and to obtain its output. Hope someone could send (...)
i have been made my program to simulate optical fiber in linear and nonlinear case by BOR-FDTD and i used it to simulat fiber Bragg Grating FBG and the results in the following papers if y want we can make the program y need together by BOR-FDTD
i made this simulation to fiber bragg grating FBG in FDTD (BOR-FDTD) and you can find these results in this paper thanks
Hi everybody, Plz can u help me to find something (simulation code) about FBG ( fiber Bragg Grating) I really need your help I wanna use it with CDMA project