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Hi All, I'm looking for a competitor of PPM Test Optical link model Sentinel 3. It's a high performance transmission systems designed for test and measurement. Transmission of RF or DC over optical fiber to enables immunity to electrical interference ( ). Please, if you know some manufacturer or repr
Dear Friends, Need this book: Undersea fiber Communication Systems-2nd edition. Anyone have any link to free download this book? Appreciate your effort!!.
What is the difference between "at intermediate points with in a cable where two fibers are joined and at intermediate points in a link where two cables are connected"
Hi all I have chosen the AL210 for this Ethernet to fiber optic conversion.I have doubts and I have posted my schematic and its datasheet.Can you tell me what things i have done wrong in the schematic. 1.Pin num 20 & 27..I don t know how to give connections.and i don t know what is the meaning of Reduntant data sheet They have split
Can somebody help me to find IEEE standard for mm wave frequencies in Radio over fiber link? I am using a 30 GHz wave in my radio over fiber link and I need to know what should be the power of my transmitted data? In the receiver side I need to know which sensitivity is acceptable for the receiver. Your help is appreciated.
So I have been looking for way to send multiple analog signals through a fiber Optic (FO) link. I need to have a sampling >= 10 MHz and >= 12bits of precision. I was told that a serial output ADC and serial input DAC is the most FO friendly way of going about this. Just to make sure this is similar to using say a microcontroller to multiplex mul
Hi I am looking for some document on optical fiber interface, so far I do not have much information about. If anyone knows any documents of link , please let me know it will be very useful. Thanks in advance Rahul J
hi gys im doin a project on "losses in bragg fiber" and i need a simple matlab source code for "multilayer division method" so that can b useful for my project.... pls if any1 cud help me out, wud b really gr8.... here is a link of the project or mail to shiva2012cm
Hai all Can I use a point to point fiber connection to connect my two remote offices without router ? That is connected the link directly to switch in two locations with a fiber-ethernet media converter .But this is not working properly,our service provider instructed us that this connection cannot use to communicate (...)
hi! i want to design an optical communication link for that i need to make an optical transmitter and receiver so plz help me with this the circuit and pcb of optical transmitter and receiver.
I seriously doubt they intend for you to connect a wire between the transmitter circuit and a distant receiving circuit. Isn't the fiber optic signal supposed to be the only link? Anyway, kidding aside... There is the circuit ground icon and there's the earth ground icon. The circuit ground icon has obvious electrical purpose of course.
Dear All, I am facing difficulties to understand the impact of the delay caused by the round trip of fiber optical link at the figure below and would appreciate your feedback 1. Since we have 90 + 110 MHz signals (and few o
Dear Friends, Need this book: Undersea fiber Communication Systems. Anyone have this book? Appreciate your effort!!. Please Note: Do not upload any ebook here, you can give only its link Mod: Aya2002
Toronto, Canada – GAO Tek Inc. ( ) offers an intelligent 10/100M adaptive fast Ethernet fiber converter, namely an optical-to-electrical medium converter. With its unique “link failure alert” function at both its optical and electrical network ends, the advanced converter can completely replace the fiber converter o
radio over fiber link for WCDMA simulated using optsim
i have been made my program to simulate optical fiber in linear and nonlinear case by BOR-FDTD and i used it to simulat fiber Bragg Grating FBG and the results in my papers in this link thanks
In my design, i use two BCM5461S chips with SFP (fiber mode). I am not able to bring both of them up. Only one of the chips comes up during system restart. And after every restart, the chips alternate, i.e. the chip which was active before restart goes down and the chip which was down comes up. For the chip with link up, the mode control regist
Dear folks I am doing a project on analog optical link to be used for WLAN. The link consist of laser diode, optical fiber, and photodiode, with RF bandwidth should be > 6 GHz. Please help me with information about shops (online) that sell the component I need. Thanks in advance.
Hi, i am doing a project on optical fiber link optimization if some body has a knowledge of doing it please help.
hI THERE, Can someone help me find a good books about optical fiber. Thanks in avance