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Why can't we use optical fiber as a bi-directional channel.
sounds like the first requires a splice of two fibers, while the later is where you hook up a connectorized end of a fiber.
I want to equalize 2x2 MIMO system, the system uses two optical fiber as a communication channel, the fiber length divided into segments and at the end of each segment coupling between two fibers occurs that needed to be equalized using LMS algorithm I use this code and want to check is it the correct 2x2 (...)
There are two avenues you can look at. First, micro sized antennas that receive optical frequencies. Second, a RF antenna that modulates a signal in an optical fiber for remoting the antenna far from electronics or a power source.
Please help me guys with some suggestions or any hot topics or areas for my phd in optical fiber communication or optical networks and system. Thank you
Hello experts!! How are you all????? I have two question regarding with the fiber Optics. 1) I was reading in the book which I quoted below: optical fibers used in communication purposes follow wӗăkly guĭdĭng ăpproxĭmătĭon where the relative refractive index (delta) is much (...)
Bandwidth offered by optical fiber communication is of the order of (A) 40 THz (B) 40 GHz (C) 40 MHz (D) 1010 Hz
Hi Haris115, Both having cons and pros. I'd recommend you to select optical fiber communication.because it is a latest technology for communication. best regards,
If the optical fiber's RI is lower than clad's RI, than is it possible the light to stay in fiber? I mean, if RI_clad is higher, than when the light beam hits the optical fibers surface, it will refract instead of reflect.
hi! i want to design an optical communication link for that i need to make an optical transmitter and receiver so plz help me with this the circuit and pcb of optical transmitter and receiver.
Hello. Anyone experienced with TOSHIBA TOSLink? I am trying to Send data from Microcontroller (AT91SAM7S64) to PC COM Port using TOSLink optical fiber. I am using TOTX147 Transmitter and TORX147 Receiver Module. My Connection is like below: MCU TXD ----------> TOTX147 VIN TORX147 VOUT ----------> PC COM Port (through MAX232 circui
Hello Freinds, can any one help me about modulation technique in optical fiber? which technique is used in optical fiber nw either NZR or RZ?? regards Adil
Hi.. I have a requirment for a OFDM transceiver desing...Since i am new to this communication domain need soem help on this. Req. OFDM Data will be processed in matlab and the same will be sent to DAC for converting to analog signal and the same is given to the optical fiber cabel. In
This sounds like one of those posts that have lost something in the translation! optical fibers can, in general, handle tens of killowatts...if the power is optical, ie. like at 1550 nm! I do not know what you mean by an optical matching network at Sband. You are way too low in frequency to propagate anything at Sband on (...)
Hello, I’m doing my project about 2-way (full duplex) optical fiber communication system. From what I knew, currently there is only 1-way (half-duplex) optical fiber communication system. Thus, I need to upgrade this system to be in 2-way communication system. How to (...)
Toronto, Canada - GAO Tek Inc. ( ) has announced the release of its Bi-Directional optical Transceiver Series. GAO's Transceiver series are high performance, cost-effective modules for bi-directional serial optical data communication applications. The available types of Bi-Di fiber optic transceiver modules include Bi-Di (...)
optical fiber/optical comm. systems are said to have a very high capacity compared to the others like microwave. Is it because optical systems transmit light signals which have a high frequency? But isnt the capacity related to bandwidth rather than frequency? In this context, when we have a bandwidth of 100 GHz with 10 THz (...)
hI THERE, Can someone help me find a good books about optical fiber. Thanks in avance
Hey I need optical communication book by john senior.plzz provide me link ican find link for this book.. thank you
Please i want to know what is the best book in optical fiber communications it should be easy to understand specially for beginners and its mathematics hould be simple to understand thanks