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133368 how to plot a plane wave ,has the electric field given above, on matlab? two different medium. the medium parameters are 133369. how to observe the changes of wave at different " t " times in the mediums at 0
Hi, Could someone share 2D FDFD code for a scattering field problem, for my study purpose, please? I have implemented a 2D FDFD code in matlab, for H mode (Hz) propagating in free space, there are reflections even when I put PML (20 cells) on x boundaries and assign periodic boundaries to y. Thanks a lot,
hey there, i 've exported hfss's magnetic field file. the file contains a lot of samples in this form: Rho, Phi, Z, Complex Vector data "" when Hx,Hy,Hz has 2 components. I wold like to import it to matlab, so i will have 9 matlab variables that contain the information. How can i do it? thanks a lot!
Hello, please can some one provide me with matlab code of 1D and 3d with TF/SF formulation. thanks for all
my purpose is analyze scattering field of an spherical object, so is spherical object generated by the function above suitable for analyzing?
hi, I want to plot the diffracted field by a PEC wedge. I posted the equation and the main plot and my code's figure in an Image. and this is my matlab code,but I receive this error: Warning: Imaginary parts of complex X and/or Y arguments ignored > In polar (line 192) In wedgemodal11balanis (line 28) my code: clc clear all
can anyone provide me the code in matlab to import real and imaginary e field values stored in 1d result>>probe thanks
I have a horn antenna working at 144GHz with A=12mm and B=14mm. Then I'll illuminate a satellite dish of 57cm diameter with this antenna, with the feed located at the focal point of the parabola. I have the radiation pattern of the horn, made with matlab. The goal is to know the beam propagation (power radiation) pattern of the parabola in the far
Hi everyone, I'm simulating an antenna in CST and I want to export the results of a planar near field scan to a text file in order to read it with matlab. To do so, I've set up a field monitor( e-field (f=2;z=10) ) on the desired plane and I don't have any problem exporting the results manually once the simulation has (...)
I am extracting local orientation field of a grayscale fingerprint image using Rao's algorithm. I need urgent help to the correction of this error message that appears each time I run the code. The error message is: Index exceeds matrix dimensions. Error in fp_local_orientation (line 21) m.i.j=image(i:(i+3), j:(j+3)); % create sub
Hi everyone, I am working on extraction of fingerprint global orientation field using orientation model based on 2d fourier expansion (fomfe). I need the M-code for the implementation of the model. Any help on the matlab code for implementation of the algorithm will be highly appreciated.
I am a newbie to this forum and I need a matlab code to detect the global orientation field of fingerprint using Shelock and Monro's zero-pole algorithm.
Hi I search for a code matlab in fault detection WSN, it is the first time for me to use matlab in this field ?? Any help please !!!
I need to measure the E-field and Voltage of Lumped Elements at some points. Therefore, I have used Probe for measuring the aforementioned quantities at the respective points. However, I don?t know how to write a VBA or matlab code for exporting the Probe Measurements (E-field) from CST environment. I was wondering if anyone could help me?
Hey I am using CST for 3D FDTD simulation. I can do 2D and 1D in C or matlab code but with 3D code becomes complicated hence I want to shift to CST. I understand that CST microwave studio can do the job for me. I just want 5x5x5 m 3D space and take a gaussian source somewhere within this space. I want to visualize how the E or H field is changing
Hi, I want to visualize B1 field in matlab. I am using REMCOM software and I get the data stored in bin file from the software and now I want to visualize it in matlab. But, whenever I try to run the code I get this error: Error using reshape To RESHAPE the number of elements must not change. Error in ReadData (line 112) data_X = r
You can model stray hum, random thermal noise, electric field noise and galvanic skin response. You can also use a TV 50/60Hz common mode filter to reduce hum. But each user has unique conditions. What do you get?
Hi, the following is the code I've obtained from VlFeat's open source library for image stitching using SIFT and RANSAC. I have a basic understanding of the algorithms though I'm quite new to the field of IP and matlab, this being part of a project I'm working on: function mosaic = sift_mosaic(im1, im2) % SIFT_MOSAIC Demonstrates matchi
Can someone help me in the coding process for Adaptive Equalizers in matlab environment. i am luking for the code itself to implement in matlab. Confused about the algorithms
Hello, I've made a code extracting the values of electric field versus time (measured in ns). I have to find the frequency spectrums for two different time windows from the same timeseries and compare them. I would like to find the frequency spectrum for both the time sets, but calculated at the same frequencies. So far, I can find the frequenc

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